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Discover what you need in your particular situation to repair and save your relationship or marriage. Become skilled at building a healthy, long-term relationship with my relationship advice articles.

How to Save Your Relationship

Solve your relationship problems and save your marriage. Discover how to build and maintain a healthy relationship.
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How to fix a relationship - a 5-point plan

10 Expert tips and 5 individual action plans to fix your relationship.

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How to make him or her love you again

Part 1 of 4. Who's to blame and 10 simple tips to become a more considerate and empathic partner.

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How to save a marriage on the brink of divorce

The complete guide to saving a marriage and avoid a divorce (includes free printable worksheets).

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How to fix a broken marriage

Discover how to fix a marriage starting immediately with my 10 personal action plans. Be sure to start mending your marriage now, before it's too late.

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4-Step effective problem solving strategy

Learn how to solve your relationship issues on the fly with this 4-step problem-solving strategy.

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Bored with your marriage or relationship?

Includes a wake-up call and 5 steps to changing the dynamics in your relationship when you're bored.

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10 ways to effectively deal with relationship stress

10 ways to cope with stress in your relationship and 5 tips to help your partner deal with stress. Includes a video about coping with stress from your children.

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How to stop arguing about money

A 3-step plan to help you communicate effectively about your finances

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Does marriage counselling work?

Is marriage counselling really worth it and what would be the best time to go for couples therapy? Everything you need to know about counselling for marriage problems.

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Common Relationship Issues

My articles chock full with expert relationship advice for whatever relationship problem or issue you're facing. Scroll through the list and click the article that speaks to you most.

25 Common short- and long-term relationship problems

Can't find your problem in this list? Click for this article to discover 25 of the most common relationship problems.

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How to stop fighting, arguing and bickering

10 things to avoid when you want to stop constant arguments, 10 communication tips for couples and 2 more list with expert, yet simple tips to improve the way you talk to each other.

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How to deal with rejection in a love relationship

Normal feelings on being rejected and 13 tips to help you cope with the pain of rejection.

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How to live with a 'narcissist' without losing yourself

Expert relationship advice and tips to deal with a narcissistic spouse or partner.

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How to overcome jealousy effectively

9 potential reasons for your jealousy, 14 signs and 12 ways to help you deal with your jealous feelings.

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How to deal with a jealous partner

Part 2 of Dealing with jealousy in relationships. Expert relationship advice and tips on how to deal with a jealous partner.

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Pregnant but your relationship is falling apart?

What to do when you're feeling rejected and stressed by your spouse's or partner's attitude when you're pregnant

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How to deal with your partner's fear of commitment

Expert relationship advice for when you want to take your relationship to the next level but your partner appears to be a commitment phobe.

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What to do when your spouse is lying about money

Discover why your partner or spouse is lying about money and what to do about it.

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Help! My partner is in prison

The best ways to cope with everything you're facing when your partner has been sent to jail.

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Surviving Infidelity

Everyting you need to know about how to survive infidelity - how it effects the wronged partner, the 'adulterer' and the other woman or man.

The complete guide to surviving infidelity

Discover all the answers to your questions about infidelity here.

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Why do people really cheat in a relationship?

Discover the possible reasons why people cheat in relationships.

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The telltale signs of a cheating spouse or partner

You'll need to be familiar with all the signs of infidelity if you're at all unsure your spouse is cheating on you.

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What is an emotional affair?

Click this link if you are, or you suspect your partner or spouse is, becoming too close to a friend and developing an emotional affair?

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How to get over your emotional infidelity

How to stop emotional cheating and get over that affair.

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How to survive your partner's infidelity

How to survive infidelity if your partner spouse has cheated on you.

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How to heal from infidelity and stay together

How to survive infidelity and save your marriage.

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Dealing with infidelity when you are having an affair

How to cope with infidelity when you're being unfaithful by cheating on your spouse or partner.

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Your partner suddenly disclosed their real gender?

Discover the normal reactions on discovering your spouse or partner has a different gender than you were lead to believe.

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Could you be in an abusive relationship?

When your partner or spouse is physically hurting you it should be clear that you're in an abusive relationship, even if that's hard to believe. But, you may also be in an abusive relationship when your loved one is emotionally abusive. Discover the truth now...

How to deal with the silent treatment

Don't stand for being punished, ostracised and manipulated with the silent treatment. Discover how to handle the silent treatment and respond with dignity.

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How to know if you're in a abusive relationship

Discover all the signs of an abusive relationship so that you can decide how best to respond and keep yourself safe.

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Common signs of emotional abuse

Learn to recognise the signs of emotional abuse early. Even if your partner doesn't physically hurt you, you may still be in an abusive relationship.

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Effective tips for dealing with anger

Expert tips and advice on anger management - including causes.

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How anger management counselling works

5 ways in which anger management therapy can help. (Includes an anger test) and 15 ways your counsellor can help you deal with anger issues.

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How to effectively deal with criticism

How to handle fair or unfair criticism. Learn how to respond to both constructive and destructive criticism.

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Relationship Advice Posts to help you build a healthy relationship

Start your journey becoming the best partner or spouse you can be by reading my positive relationship advice articles, including how to deal with difficulties in communication.

To help you deal with specific relationship problems, find the links to articles about specific issues further down, including surviving infidelity, what to do when love-making just isn't happening and how to know when your relationship is over

How to get the best relationship advice

10 things to look for in the person you turn to for advice, where to get free relationship advice and 6 professional relationship advice services.

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24 healthy relationship tips and advice

24 tried and tested tips to help you build a healthy relationship starting today.

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How to be a better spouse or partner

Expert, yet simple, relationship tips and advice to help you save and improve your relationship by becoming a better spouse or partner.

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How to write the best Valentine's Day card messages

Discover how to write the most memorable and romantic Valentine's message your partner will want to treasure for years to come.

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18 Expert relationship tips for a happy Christmas

18 expert tips to help you survive and thrive at Christmas when the pressure is on.

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Relationship advice for New Year's eve

How to do much better on New Year's eve than to make a half-hearted New Year's resolution.

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How to help your wife through the menopause

How you may have misinterpreted the signs and symptoms of the menopause and 12 ways you can help and support your partner through the menopause.

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How to thrive as the partner of a topsporter

How to survive and thrive when you're in a relationship with or married to an elite or top sporter.

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20 tips on how to attract luck and good fortune in your life

Discover how you can increase your chances of 'getting lucky', in other words - not just 'scoring someone'.

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How to thank your spouse or partner with meaningful love quotes

Loving your spouse or partner also means being thankful for what they contribute to your life. Let them know with these thank you" love quotes.

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Communication skills for couples

Expert, yet simple, relationship tips and advice for couples on what to do to overcome communication problems.

Loving communication Kit for Couples

12 expert resources to help save and transform your relationship. Deepen your relationship easily with relationship quizzes, communication guides, fun sheets, relationship tests and much more.

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How to improve communication in a love relationship

7 ways to avoid relationship problems through better communication (with essential communication exercises for couples) and 7 expert tips to set the scene for a difficult conversation.

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How to offer your sincerest apologies

5 benefits of offering a sincere apology for upsetting someone or making a mistake with a 3-step plan for ensuring your success (includes sample apology letter format).

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Free quiz with marriage compatibility questions

Free marriage compatibility test with essential relationship or marriage compatibility questions to help you avoid getting stuck in a toxic relationship.

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Fun and revealing couples quiz and questions

Discover more about each other with this free printable couples quiz.

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How to interpret body language signs

Relationship communication: Introduction to body language signs, includes "Lust or love - what your face says about you.

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How to interpret body language effectively

7 key areas to notice when interpreting body language and 5 tips to give you the best chance of getting it right

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Online Relationships

How to save and improve your online relationship

Includes a 7-point reality-check and 10 ways to build a healthy online relationship.

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How to build a healthy long-distance relationship

The 5 challenges of a long-distance relationship, 8 advantages, 7 conflict management tips and 5 ways to spend your time more meaningfully whilst you're apart.

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Social media and your relationship

How Facebook or any other social media platform can be the cause of your relationship problems and how to prevent postings and comments causing issues.

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What to do when you've been catfished

11 vital background checks to help you discover if you've been catfished and 7 tips to help you heal.

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How to check your online relationship isn't a scam

6 facts about online dating scams and what scamming really looks like.

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When you're having intimacy issues

Expert relationship advice on what to do when making love is no longer on the cards.

No longer making love?

What to do when you haven't made love for too long to remember.

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Signs your partner doesn't find you attractive anymore

Discover what steps to take when your husband, wife or partner doesn't want you anymore.

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How to increase libido in men effectively

Discover what's really underlying your lack of desire in physical relations and how you can improve your libido.

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How to increase female libido quickly and effectively

Discover the many potential reasons your desire in a physical relationship may have diminished and what you can do about that now.

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Could it be that your relationship is over?

For you to even be interested in this topic probably means that you're worried your relationship may be coming to an end. Discover if you can still repair and save your relationship.

Is your relationship is worth saving?

Discover when it may be worth saving your relationship and when it's really time to end it.

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How to know your relationship is over

Discover the stages of a failing relationship and 14 signs that your relationship could be over.

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How to know when to break up a relationship

Discover the signs that it's time to consider a breakup and when you should avoid having that breakup conversation.

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"I don't know if I love him anymore"

Discover what steps to take when you don't know if you love your spouse or partner anymore - whether to stay or walk away.

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"My partner is selfish, needy and attention seeking"

A request for help and my advice about what to do when your partner appears to think only about him or herself.

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What to do when your partner has changed for the worst

A request for help and my advice on what to do when your partner no longer treats you as they once did.

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Dead end relationship or toxic relationship?

Know the difference between a failing relationship and an emotionally abusive relationship.

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