FAQ about hypnotherapy and hypnosis downloads

What are the benefits of self-hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy needs a good therapist. However, self-hypnosis with expert downloads can give the same – if not better – results. HypnosisDownloads.com are the best!

Self-hypnosis, with the help of a downloadable track, is one of the most effective, user-friendly and affordable ways to help you overcome emotional, mental and relationship problems.

And it is SO worth investing in creating a happier, confident and contented ‘you’.

People around you, particularly your partner, will almost certainly notice the change in you. No doubt they’ll change how they interact with you when you are happier.

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How to do self-hypnosis

You can learn to hypnotise yourself. It’s so easy with a well-crafted download. The feeling you get is very similar to when you’re completely absorbed by a good book, a film or a hobby. Everything around you fades away.

Concerned about using hypnosis?

No worries! I have asked the CEO of HyposisDownloads, Mark Tyrrell to answer commonly asked questions…

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What questions or worries do you have?

Q. 1 When can I expect to see results from the self-hypnosis downloads?

A. Some people will see results immediately. Others have to listen repeatedly before they notice the changes they need.

Q. 2 If it works how long are the results likely to last?

A. Its benefits may stay with you for a lifetime! Your brain can learn very deeply and very fast.
I’ve worked with hundreds of clients who had experienced a few seconds of trauma. However, they still had flashbacks decades later.
This illustrates both how quickly the brain can learn at an unconscious level and how long-standing that learning can be. Of course, that is a rather negative example.
It’s a myth that long drawn out therapy is necessarily more effective.

Q. 3 Can you reassure me that nothing can go wrong?

A. It is natural to fear what seems to be ‘the unknown’. However, hypnosis is a natural state of mind and body. We all experience deep trance-like experiences when we dream at night, for example. Therefore, it actually feels natural when we go into trance.
We use it through the ‘medium’ of deep relaxation. A ‘side effect’ of using our sessions is a feeling of greater general well-being and calm.

Q. 4 What if I wake up in the middle of the self-hypnosis track?

A. During hypnosis, people tend to go in and out of trance, especially when they are new to it, whether this is when they listen to a download or in my therapy room. This is fine and natural.  Sometimes people need to listen a few times before they relax with the process. They find then that they don’t need to awaken half-way through.

Q. 5 What if I don’t wake up properly?

A. All our sessions (other than the sessions in the better sleep series) invite people to come back to full alertness at the end of the download.
There is always a part of the mind “over-seeing” the environment. People can still feel consciously aware sometimes, even as they enjoy the therapeutic benefits of deep trance.
Cave dwellers staring into a fire at night would have had to “snap out” very quickly for possibly survival reasons. So, it makes sense that we have adapted to come out of trance quickly if need be.

Q. 6 How do I hypnotise myself properly to get the best results?

A. Listen to our self-hypnosis downloads when you have some spare time in a distraction-free environment.
Listen once a day to begin, then a few times a week, then less often as you notice improvements and just enjoy them because they are very nice to listen to.
Give them a chance to work.

Q. 7 Why should I buy from you rather than another company?

A. We use indirect or naturalistic hypnotic approaches aligned with the latest understanding of how the brain works in regard to emotions, behaviour and motivation.
I don’t just feel it’s our superior use of hypnotic language that marks us out, but rather the strict protocol we have in aligning all our sessions to sound and research-based psychology.

Q. 8 Will it ‘mess’ with my head?

A. Sometimes people worry that they will be “controlled” via a hypnotic experience. We frame our therapeutic method as a way of getting more control or an “un-messed head”.
People typically report feeling empowered and having more choice as to the way they respond to previously troubling triggers.

Q. 9 I seldom relax, will I be able to with your download?

A. In our experience, people who feel they can’t or seldom relax are the ones who, when given the genuine chance to rest, have wonderfully deep and refreshing experiences, because they are the ones who so need it.
Your subconscious mind tends to all your physical needs.  When it perceives it’s really time to rest, it will do everything it can to supply that for you.
Many people write to us reporting how they had never felt so relaxed in their lives as when listening to our sessions.

Q. 10 What if the same problem rears its ugly head again?

A. Generally, once a habit is gone it seldom comes back again.  And if it does, it’s generally much easier to get rid of, because now you have had experience of not having the destructive habit. Simply re-listening to the session is likely to be enough to banish the habit again for good.
If a habit does reassert itself, you can swap the download you used initially for another one, or claim your money back. We have a three-month money-back guarantee for self-hypnosis downloads – no questions asked.

Q. 11 Can it wipe away my memory?

A. One popular but discredited myth is that hypnosis can be used reliably to “discover” memories that were not pre-existing or “cleanse” the brain of memories.
We use hypnosis to treat problematic memories – not by “erasing” them.
I have worked with many military veterans, helping them to be able to calmly review past traumatic memories. When they can do this then the post-traumatic stress disorder is effectively cured. They still have the memory and know it was bad at the time, of course, but it no longer feels bad if they choose to think about it. This is a world away from being continually swamped by a memory day and night.

Q. 12 How do you know the downloads actually work?

A. We have a very high level of positive feedback for our self-hypnosis downloads and have a very low return rate, though nothing works for everybody all the time. Therefore we have a 3-month money-back guarantee.

Self-hypnosis is completely in line with the natural states of your body/mind.

You’re hypnotised, transfixed, mesmerised, in trance or whatever you want to call it – almost every hour of the day in one shape or another…

  • when you’re engrossed in a book
  • when you’ve suddenly heard a loud bang (just think how focussed you are then when you’re trying to figure out where it came from)
  • when you’ve been traumatised or experience a flashback
  • when you’re trying to recall something
  • when you’re ‘smitten’ (there’s nothing quite so effective in focussing your mind!)
  • when you concentrate on anything

In these situations, your focus of attention is very narrow. You’re hardly aware of your surroundings and people vying for your attention. Sounds seem to come from a distance, you’re hardly aware of the temperature, pain levels are reduced, you barely notice when someone’s trying to get your attention, etc.

These are all aspects of self-hypnosis. They happen naturally without the need for a (hypno)therapist. You’re completely absorbed by the activity. And so a hypnotherapist, or a hypnotherapy download, ‘locks’ your attention too – on healing that condition that so troubles you.

Is self-hypnosis safe and does it work?

It is such a gentle, safe and comfortable ‘treatment’. It’s nothing like stage-hypnosis. Hypnosis – delivered by qualified, sensitive, knowledgeable and experienced hypnotherapists – is one of the best treatments I know. 

With these expert downloads you are completely in control, with access to all of those qualities – in your own environment, your own time and at your own pace. And, to top that – if it doesn’t work for you (and nothing in life is certain), you get your money back without any hassle or questions.

Of course, you can choose to go to a counsellor or hypnotherapist and I would recommend that you consider that – you just need to find the right person. Be prepared though to make a much greater investment in terms of time, funds, emotional stamina and commitment.

So, why use hypnosis downloads instead of seeing a hypnotherapist?
Here’s why…

Can you trust the downloads?

Professional downloads should be created only by a therapist who’s highly trained, skilled and effective. He or she should continuously update their knowledge and skills based on the latest research.

I choose HypnosisDownloads because their therapists are second to none! Their hypnosis downloads are the best in the business as they are based on the human givens – our inborn essential emotional needs and resources.

Their therapists aim to…

  • enhance your awareness of – and build on – your innate resources
  • increase your awareness and use of existing skills and abilities
  • encourage and support your sense of general well-being
  • relieve stress, anxiety, anger, addictions and depression – all trance states with a self-hypnosis element!
  • help you get over someone or a relationship
  • improve your sleep
  • resolve trauma, regardless of how long you’ve suffered
  • help you meet your essential emotional needs

Downloads v hypnotherapy consultations

  • You don’t spend time finding a therapist you think you can trust
  • You won’t have to worry that you have found the wrong one
  • You won’t be wasting time travelling to and fro
  • You won’t have to try and fit appointments into your possibly already busy schedule
  • You won’t be wasting time (and therefore money) on contracting, explanation (you have it right here), goal setting (you already know what you want) and extra products you would have to buy
  • You won’t be paying anything from £40 – £150 per session to a hypnotherapist – several times in order to get the benefit (really … stuff is seldom sorted in just one session)
  • You won’t be spending time and money getting there and back on top of the fees – several times
  • You won’t have to explain to people where you’re going (often a big concern!)
  • You won’t have to go through it all again when you want a top-up session

Here’s more…

What other benefits are there to using downloads?

  • It means a simple one-time purchase
  • It’s so easy to get exactly the right number of sessions to suit you without any extra cost in terms of effort, time and expense – the real benefits are achieved with repeated exposure
  • You listen (yes that is all you do!) – at times convenient to you
  • Nobody needs to know about it if you don’t want them to – it’s such a discrete form of expert help
  • It’s fast and effective – simple! 

Search our hypnosis mp3s below or browse over 800 self-hypnosis sessions

Self hypnosis downloads from hypnosis downloads.com

Search our hypnosis mp3s below or browse over 800 self hypnosis sessions

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Self hypnosis downloads from hypnosis downloads.com

Search our hypnosis mp3s below or browse over 800 self hypnosis sessions

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