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Your mental health affects your relationship and vice versa. The two cannot be separated. My aim is to help you take responsibility for your own mental well-being but garner the right support from your partner or spouse. I also write articles specifically for partners with troubled other halfs on how best to help and support them whilst also looking after themselves.

How to beat depression without medication

Antidepressants have a whole host of side effects, even if they do appear to be working. Here's help for you if you want to overcome depression naturally.

No need to take an automated online depression test

Depression test- all the questions a qualified counsellor would/should be asking you to find out if you're suffering from depression.

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The symptoms of depression in men

14 signs of depression in men and 6 signs that you should seek immediate medical help. Includes information on postnatal depression in men.

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19+ natural ways to treat depression without drugs

The best natural treatments to cure your depression without medication. 5 ways to treat your depression at home. Includes home remedies, strategies, natural remedies and ...

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The best treatments for severe depression

Includes vital information on drugs for depression, avoiding relapses, psychological treatment and self-hypnosis.

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6 useful sources of depression help online

6 sources of online depression help with a discussion of their pros and cons.

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The effects of fish oil on depression

Studies on the effects of fish oil on depression and how long it would take to feel the benefits.

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Omega 3 side effects you should know about

Drug interactions, side effects with also the benefits of Omega 3.

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How to help your partner or spouse deal with depression

14 ways to help your spouse with depression, 14 causes, a 3-step plan to support your husband or wife and 7 ways to survive yourself.

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How to interpret your dreams effectively

Why we dream, what dreaming really is and why a dream dictionary is useless.

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How to transform a boring life

Discover the real reason you're bored with your life and 5 science-based tips to get you started on changing your life.

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How to boost your self-esteem effectively

10 potential reasons for your low self-esteem and 12 effective self-esteem boosters.

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How to help your wife or partner through the menopause

12 ways you can support and help your partner through the menopause and 5 steps towards a better relationship.

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Dealing with a nervous breakdown

Life can throw you a real left-hooker, expose you to multiple crisis, a slow build up of stress and/or a tendency to feel anxious all the time until it becomes all too much and you just crash. Here are my articles on what the symptoms of a nervous breakdown are, how you can heal and how your partner or spouse can support you.

FAQ about a nervous breakdown

Get all your questions about a nervous breakdown answered. Discover what a nervous- or mental breakdown is, how long it's likely to last, how it's linked with panic attacks and what you can do to recover.

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Are you suffering from these common nervous breakdown symptoms?

12 mental symptoms, 12 physical symptoms, 7 emotional signs and 10 warning signs that someone is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

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Common symptoms of a mental breakdown

All the signs and symptoms of a mental breakdown (see also: Symptoms of a nervous breakdown).

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Interactive nervous breakdown test

Take this nervous breakdown test to discover what you need to do to heal.

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How long it takes to recover from a nervous breakdown

10 factors that influence how long it takes to recover from a nervous breakdown

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How to stop an anxiety attack (panic attack) in its tracks

5 action plans to help you stop anxiety attack immediately and 5 ways to help stop them happening again.

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How to help your partner recover from a nervous breakdown

26 Effective practical and communication tips to help your partner get over a nervous breakdown

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The best natural sleep remedies

The best herbal sleep remedies, self-hypnosis, homeopathic remedies and other sleep aids. 7 tips to stop night-time worries and 11 strategies to help you sleep better.

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How to deal with psychological trauma

Potentially traumatic experience lurk in every corner of our lives. Here's what yo u need to know about the diagnosis of PTSD, traumatic memories, coping with trauma and how to heal.

Checklist of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms

10 common symptoms of PTSD, DSM5 criteria and 14 signs and symptoms that you may be in danger of developing long-term psychological problems after a traumatic experience.

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How to recover from a traumatic birth

5 major losses in the aftermath of a traumatic birth and 6 self-help strategies to help you recover.

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Minor head injury and your relationship

What to expect as a couple when one of you suffers minor brain injury symptoms and what to do about it.

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Contact sports, CTE and your relationship

Does your partner play contact sports? Check this list of chronic brain injury symptoms (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) to see how it might affect your relationship.

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How to deal with anxiety

When you suffer from anxiety it can feel like walking on the edge of a cliff every day. I'm aiming to inform you and give you ways to deal with your anxiety without anti-anxiety drugs (anxiolytics) such as antidepressants and benzodiazepines and others.

3-Step plan to overcome anxiety 'for no reason'

Discover common causes of anxiety and how to get over it with a 3-step plan.

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Anxiety symptoms: treatment choices

10 potential causes of anxiety and 10 anxiety treatments.

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10 ways to deal your partner's anxiety

10 ways to help your partner deal with anxiety and how to avoid worsening their symptoms.

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How to help someone with OCD

10 reasons why living with OCD can be a living hell and 4 steps to help someone deal with OCD.

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Interactive social anxiety test

Take this social anxiety test to see how bad your symptoms are. 9 resources on my site to help you deal with your anxiety.

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How to overcome social anxiety in 3 steps

How to overcome social anxiety in 3 effective self help steps.

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11 Ways to survive the perimenopause

Tell-tale signs you're reaching the perimenopause and 11 ways to survive it

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Effective stress relief tips and techniques

10 detailed - not so-usual - tips and techniques to reduce your stress levels.

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7 free printable stress management worksheets

7 free printable stress management worksheets to use yourself or, if you're a professional - to help your clients or patients.

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The psychology of fear - types of fears and what causes them

Discover what causes fear, why people suffer from irrational fears or phobias and how to conquer your fears.

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Dealing with addictions

Just at a time you're very likely feeling at your weakest, you may need to be stronger than you ever were to quit that addiction. I am for my addiction articles to give you a leg up in overcoming your addiction.

See also: Section Map of All Mental Health Articles.

Beating addiction

Here you'll find symptoms of common addictions, self-help strategies, treatment choices and articles with information if your partner or spouse is suffering from an addiction.

Toxic shame - how to survive and heal

3 essential steps towards healing that toxic shame.

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Are you really suffering from a shopping addiction?

7 types of shopping addiction and 5 commons signs of a shopping addiction. Includes an interactive test.

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The best treatments for that shopping addiction

3 steps to overcoming your shopping addiction, 5 ways to start your recovery tight now and 12 effective self-help strategies.

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How to deal with your partner's shopping addiction

4 ways to handle your partner or spouse's shopping addiction starting right now.

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Symptoms of an addiction to adult content

12 symptoms of an addiction to adult content with interactive test.

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How to overcome your addiction to adult material

3-step strategy to help you stop accessing adult material. 5 ways to overcome your addiction to x-rated content.

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Dealing with an alcohol addiction

You may have trouble translating your enjoying 'just having a drink' into having an alcohol problem, let alone to having an alcohol addiction. Here's what you need to know (includes an article specifically for your partner or spouse).

Common symptoms of alcohol abuse

3 Lists of physical and mental symptoms of alcohol abuse and alcohol poisoning.

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Common stages of alcoholism

5 stages of alcoholism as identified by professionals working in the addiction field, 5 stages as you might experience them if you're addicted to alcohol and a recovering alcoholic's personal way of identifying the many more stages.

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Obvious and not so obvious links between alcohol and depression

How to effectively plan your recovery by understanding the link between alcoholism and depression.

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What to do when you're living with an alcoholic spouse or partner

10 ways you'll be affected by your partner's drinking and 25 signs you're in a codependent relationship.

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