How to use the Listen function

Accessibility is important to me

You don’t have to download anything. Just one click, and the text on any of webpages is simultaneously read aloud and highlighted. That means that you can easily follow along, regardless of device or where you may be.

This makes the content more accessible and visiting my website is a more enriching experience. 

How does it work?

Activate webReader by clicking the Listen button.

webReader also allows you to:

  • Select text and click the listen icon that appears to have the selected text read;
  • Hover over a paragraph of text to have it read out automatically;
  • View a clutter-free version of the web page with text in your preferred font, size and color as it is read aloud and highlighted;
  • Download an audio version of your content for offline listening;
  • Translate a selected text to a number of languages and have the text read in the target language;
  • Personalize reading speed, highlighting colors, and more;
  • Select a word and find its definition in the dictionary;
  • Choose the reading language.

The Help tool

Clear instructions on how to use each feature are provided in the Help Tool, which is found in the toolbar.

Try reading through the Help Tool to pick up ideas on how to make optimal use of webReader’s features.

Keyboard navigation

webReader can be activated, i.e. focus can be set on the Listen button, with the access key “K”.

The access key “L” will set focus on the player and also start the reading.

Many of the webReader tools and features also have a dedicated access key.

Access keys are activated with modifier keys (for example Ctrl and shift keys on a pc or the Alt and Ctrl keys on a Mac). Modifier keys differ depending on the browser and the operating system you’re using (see list of modifier keys for different environments here:

When you’ve set focus on the player, you can use the tab/shift+tab to navigate and the enter key to activate a certain button or option.

When the drag handle has focus and is orange, you’ll be able to move the Listen button, player and toolbar around the screen.

 It’s faster to use the arrow keys while holding down the shift key.

  • Put focus on Listen button: Modifier + K
  • Activate webReader player: Modifier + L
  • Open/close toolbar: Modifier + 1
  • Open Help feature: Modifier + I
  • Other access keys: see Help feature

webReader uses cookies

webReader is best used with cookies enabled. That way your personal settings will be saved between sessions.

Platforms and web browsers

webReader works on any device on any platform. It should work with (if not I want to know about it!):

  • All commonly used online devices: pc, laptop, Chromebook, tablet, smartphone, and more;
  • All major operating systems: Windows, Chrome, Android, iOS, macOS, and more;
  • All major browsers: for laptops and PCs: IE7+, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, for mobile devices: Safari and Chrome on iOS devices, Chrome on Android devices, Chrome and Edge on Windows Phone.

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