Simple but effective guides, tools and fun practical exercises to start saving your relationship right now!

You’re looking for something to help you save and reinvigorate your relationship, which means you know it’s in trouble. I know how panicky, worried and confused you’re probably feeling right now. But don’t despair! Difficulties don’t have to signal that it’s all over. There is much that you can do to improve your relationship, whether it feels…

  • Fraught with problems, upsets and fall-outs
  • Totally lacklustre and boring (in and/or out of the bedroom)
  • Or simply as if it’s heading towards a breakup

Perhaps you’re unhappy right now because...

  • You and your partner are arguing more than you ever have before
  • You suspect (or you’ve been told point blank) that your partner or spouse has fallen out of love with you
  • You feel like the two of you are growing apart, and can’t find any meaningful ways to bridge the gap between you
  • You've discovered that your partner has been (or is still) having an affair. Or maybe you’re the one who’s had (or been tempted to have) an affair
  • You can’t put your finger on what’s wrong, but you know you’re not happy. Maybe you know your partner’s not happy either. And you don’t want to give up on your relationship… but you have no idea how to try and make things better

Whatever it was that drove you to look for help and advice, I’m so glad you’ve found yourself here. Relationships are complicated - fact! And unknotting problems, difficulties and unhappinesses can feel like an impossible task. Where on earth do you start?

Well, today, you start here :-)

What do I know?

I am a qualified couples therapist with 24 years' experience in professional practice. I’ve also had my fair share of personal relationship issues to deal with. (I am human, after all!)

I know how easy it can be to open your hearts to each other at the start of the relationship. And then how easy it can be - for various reasons - to let those lines of communication close down over time.

I know too that no couple escapes some really rough times (not even the ones who seem to have the ‘perfect’ relationship). All too often, the inevitable rough times result in completely unnecessary breakups. And so the pattern repeats throughout future relationships too. But it doesn’t have to be that way...

What you'll gain

Expert information centred on healthy relationship skills. Practical tips to help you start implementing new techniques right away. More room in your relationship for happiness, fun and good times. Not to mention...

The bundle is designed to:

  • Help you connect with your partner on a much deeper level than you’ve probably been able to for a long time
  • Help you break down the walls that you’ve probably both been steadily building between each other
  • Help you to really deal with the problems in your relationship before they get worse, and so you can move on from them once and for all
  • Help you to learn some savvy negotiating skills so you can turn arguments into fruitful, meaningful discussions (not so you can get your own way whenever you want to, though!)
  • Help you discover achievable techniques to increase the level of emotional intimacy between you, to help you feel closer than you have recently (or ever before)
  • Help you understand how you can improve your sexual intimacy by opening up to honest conversations about your needs and desires

What you'll get

A complete bundle of action-oriented, solution-focused resources to help you save your relationship, starting today.

The bundle includes:

  1. eGuide: Creating A Healthy Relationship
  2. Quiz: Discover What Really Makes Your Partner Tick
  3. Fun Relationship Quizzes
  4. Funsheet: Connecting At A Deeper Level
  5. Funsheet: Talking About Sex
  6. eGuide: How To Make Your Partner Feel Amazing
  7. Complete Guide To Developing Relationship-Saving Communication Skills
  8. The Secrets Of A Happy Relationship
  9. eGuide: How To Avoid Inadvertently Damaging Your Relationship To The Point Of No Return
  10. eGuide And Funsheet: Meeting Your Essential Emotional Needs
  11. Relationship Saving Activity Planner

No need to keep searching for the ‘right’ thing to do

End that frustrating and confusing task of looking for solutions to your relationship problems right now. :-) This bundle contains everything you need to save and reinvigorate your relationship. All you have to do is start right now...

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