The complete guide to surviving infidelity

Everything you need to know about how to survive infidelity

My site has your complete guide to surviving infidelity with expert tips and advice on everything including reasons, signs, consequences, questions to ask and much more.

To help you find your way, I’ve collated all these articles here. You’ll easily find the answers to your questions when you start on this page.

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Here’s what you’ll learn:
  • The signs of cheating
  • The excuses
  • Potential reasons for infidelity
  • What to do if you can’t stop cheating
  • What questions to ask your spouse
  • How to heal your marriage
  • Whether or not your relationship is worth saving
  • How to end your relationship
  • What to look for in a good divorce lawyer
  • How to get through a divorce
  • And soooo much more!

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Vertical banner: For you, when your partner or spouse has been unfaithful. Expert relationship advice.
For you, if your partner or spouse has been unfaithful
  1. The signs of cheating.
  2. Your partner is lying to you about money.
  3. Why do people cheat?
  4. Surviving infidelity: Signs of addiction to adult content.
  5. Surviving infidelity – when friends have seen the signs of cheating.
  6. What is emotional infidelity? (Emotional affair)
  7. Dealing with infidelity and its potential consequences.
  8. Surviving infidelity: Your feelings when you learn about your partner’s infidelity and what a nervous breakdown looks like if you’re really badly affected.
  9. Cheating and signs of guilt.
  10. Surviving infidelity: How long does it take to get over infidelity?
  11. Surviving infidelity: Things people say when confronted.
  12. 18 Questions to ask your unfaithful spouse.
  13. Surviving infidelity: Why your partner doesn’t want to talk about the affair.
  14. Surviving infidelity: How to heal yourself and when you should seek help.
  15. How to deal with jealousy.
  16. Is my relationship worth saving?
Vertical banner: For you, if you're cheating on your partner. Expert relationship advice.

For you, if you are cheating on your partner

Vertical banner: For you both, if you want to get over infidelity and stay together. Expert relationship advice.

For you both: how to get over infidelity

  1. Surviving infidelity: 10 Tips to help you stay together and how to heal your marriage.
  2. How to fix your relationship.
  3. Surviving infidelity: Does marriage counselling work?
  4. Surviving infidelity: What to expect in couples counselling.
  5. Surviving infidelity with healthy relationship tips and advice and dealing with pre-existing relationship problems.
Vertical banner: Time for change. For you (both) if you want to separate and/or divorce. Expert relationship advice.

For you (both): if you want to separate and/or divorce

  1. How to end a long-term relationship when you really feel the infidelity was the killer blow to your marriage or relationship.
  2. How to get through a divorce when you have no other option but to separate and divorce your spouse, citing adultery.
  3. How to find a divorce lawyer – choose wisely to avoid further hurt, frustration and anguish!


There it is – everything you need to know about surviving infidelity.

I suspect you’re going through some really dark days right now. As an experienced couples therapist, I know that, unfortunately, you’re facing a tough time ahead too.

But you’ll ultimately discover that you’re stronger and more capable than you might have given yourself credit for.

This lousy time will pass. By getting in the driver’s seat, being active in tackling the problems and moving forward, you’ll get there faster!

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Your problem is never too big, too small or too embarrassing to get personal advice from a professional counsellor!

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