Why I have ads and affiliate links on my site

I want to be upfront with you…
I know only too well how annoying ads can be, and yet I have them on my site. How can that be?

Why do I recommend resources that cost money and then get a commission for doing so? Is that honest?

I totally get it if you don’t understand, so here’s the low down…

First of all, I want you to know that as a semi-retired counsellor with 24 years’ experience I really enjoy being able to pass on all that I’ve learnt during those years.

I get a great sense of achievement from being able to help sooo many people (thousands every day) now that I no longer see clients. If I didn’t have my site, all that knowledge and experience would have been lost.

The cost of running a website

The content on my site is freely available. However, you’ll increasingly find other websites wanting you to sign up before they allow you access, or urging you to switch off your ad blocker.


To cover the cost of running the site.

This is because there are other costs than just the time it takes me to publish new articles, updating articles and maintaining and updating my website (see further down):

  • The cost of hosting a website, and the more traffic a website has, the more expensive the hosting.
  • Since English is my second language, I pay for everything to be edited by a native English speaker (my wonderful VA Andrea).
  • The cost of my email delivery programme.
  • The cost of getting someone to help me occasionally with stuff I really can’t work out myself (picture me at 2am ready to throw my laptop through the window!)
  • The cost of an accountant! $$$
  • The tax bill

This list is by no means complete!

Here’s how I spend my time


  • Ongoing research
  • New articles
  • Updating articles
  • New programmes/software
  • Learning to use new programmes and software
  • Problem solving
  • Reading and/or posting on social media
  • Finding/creating images (see further down)
  • Creating/emailing free courses
  • Development – counselling/therapy, webmaster, video, graphic design, coding skills
  • Trialling new programmes/software
  • Reading and contributing to niche forums
  • Video (writing scripts, building and timing of slides and transitions, voice-over, description, SEO)
  • Answering emails
  • Checking website stats
  • Preparing images for social media and website
  • Updating articles, incl.markups (coding message) for search engines, incl adjusting title, description, dates and content, depending on keywords
  • Planning for and implementing global updates as and when they’re online environment predicts
  • Liaising with support staff and my VA Andrea for remote editing and business support


  • Researching content
  • Researching relevant resources to include
  • Outlining article
  • Writing 1st and 2nd drafts
  • Sending article to VA for editing
  • Copying content to SBI platform in readiness for publication
  • Adding: name, title (tab) and description
  • Adding JSON-ld markup to header (coding messages for the search engines)
  • Adding breadcrumbs (marked-up signposts on the site)
  • Adding publication info (Category, author details, date published, date updated)
  • Adding images (see separate heading below)
  • Adding Twitter markup to header
  • Building links to other pages
  • Adding links to sources used in the article
  • Creating other resources (code for online tests, handouts and worksheets)
  • Finding other resources – such as appropriate videos to support the content
  • Finalising all SEO related material (see further down)
  • Final draft to VA
  • Building link to new article in existing articles/pages
  • Reducing/minify scripts
  • Including extra resources (paid for and free)
  • Promoting new page on social media and via newsletter
  • Logging the url with archive.org (archive.org)
  • Submitting page to search engines, incl. Google


  • Finding/choosing images
  • Downloading images (CC, pay or donate)
  • Creating images using graphic designs skills
  • Naming image files
  • Resizing and reducing weight of images to fit various social media channels
  • Finding quotes
  • Adding texts and filters
  • Uploading images to articles
  • Adding alternative text, title, caption and Pinterest description and link
  • Adding courtesy link if required
  • Messaging creators of original images

You can see perhaps that this is near-enough full-time work to deliver mostly free content!

However long and/or complete my articles might be, a website article is seldom going to be enough. Therefore I include links to other resources – paid for and free.

How I have chosen the companies I link to/partner with

See alsoPrivacy/cookie policy and Terms and conditions.


HypnosisDownloads.com was founded by Human Given colleagues. I know how they work (as I am a Human Givens therapist). I trust that they deliver the best results possible. Their downloads are based on the Human Givens principles.

I know that they offer the very best, most effective hypnosis downloads I could hope to refer you to.

Hypnosis Downloads screenshot: Self Confidence, Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Relationships, Hypnosis Pack, Learning Help, self Esteem, Social Anxiety, Personal Finance.


Better Help, offers online counselling in a way I would not be able to provide with access on all devices, chats and texts.

Better Help vet their counsellors and make access really easy and super affordable in comparison with face-to-face counselling. I have searched and waited for a long time to be able to offer something of that quality that via my website.

Now for the ads…

Why I have ads on my site

Ads suck, I know!

However, as you have seen, I work almost full-time on my site to offer as much help, tips and advice as I can for free. I always wear my heart on my sleeve, so here goes: I would not be earning anywhere near enough to pay my basic bills if it weren’t for the ads. They also provide me with a little security as the online environment is increasingly competitive and changeable.

The ads are delivered via a company called Mediavine. Mediavine partners only with quality sites. Had my site not been up to scratch they would not have accepted my as a publisher.

Mediavine also accepts high quality ads only and I have done my best to filter out ads not befitting my site. If you see any ads that you find offensive, please use the link in the ad to report them.

Know that, whilst there are on average a couple of thousand visitors on my site every day, less than ¼% buy anything, so the advertisements top up my income.

Being my own boss

I’m a tough boss to work for! I aim to over-deliver.

I love being my own boss and will continue to provide you with the most helpful content I can – mostly for free.

Now you know why you may have to pay for some services, why I have ads on my site, and how I aim to run an honest business.

I hope that this level of transparency has given you some insight into how my (and other websites) work.

I also hope that it helps you to trust that I have the best intentions for your well-being. I want to continue to be able to help and inspire you for a long time to come. :-)

Signature: Elly Prior