Help with your relationship

Hello You,

I am so glad you reached out to me for help with your relationship. I know it can be so utterly frustrating and frightening to find yourself in deep waters. Chances are you are feeling very alone with it all.

I suspect you’re unhappy right now and I just want to say to you, very gently and lovingly, that this too will pass.

I’m really sorry that I’m unable to help you personally.

I’m a band of one and with well over 10.000 visitors to my site every day it is just impossible to respond personally to any requests for help. I hope you understand.
Read more about this here.

You can, however, ask for help from another qualified, online counsellor, so do read on…

I am giving you some action steps right here to get you to make some positive changes right away…

9-Step Emergency Relationship Recovery Plan

Here is my advice to help you start to resolve your relationship problems:

  1. It is vitally important that calm yourself down as much as possible in whichever way you feel comfortable with. You will gain a much wider perspective and a better problem solving mindset.
  2. There is no emergency (unless you are in an abusive relationship) so give yourself time!
  3. Remember that you cannot control your partner, however much I understand that you might want to (and believe me – I too had to work really hard to resist the temptation!)
  4. Click the link to your specific problem on: 25 Common Relationship Problems.
  5. Give yourself credit for having coped so far. Resolve that whatever life brings you – you can deal with it.
  6. Remind yourself of three things you are grateful for in your life every night before you go to sleep.
  7. Remind yourself of three positive things about your partner, so that you don’t become completely fixed on what you don’t like about him or her.
  8. Continue reading my free online relationship advice articles to improve your self-awareness and relationship skills.
  9. Speak to a qualified online relationship counsellor (this is a fee-based service) or…
  10. … see my page on help with emotional problems for emergency helplines.

There you are – that is your start. Commit to these action steps straight away, so that you can feel that you’re moving forward.

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I wish you all the best for your future happiness.

Warm regards,