“Thank you”

“I stumbled across your website by accident, well kinda. My recent ‘meltdown’ led me to find you. I’m not looking for personal help or advice, I just wanted to say thank you.

I’ve only read a few pages of your website and I love it. I always thought that speaking to a complete stranger about my problems would be incredibly difficult, I still do, but you seem gentle in your approach. I guess it kinda surprised me.

I always imagine a counsellor as a no nonsense professional who gets paid to listen, whether they care or not is another matter. I imagine your website to have helped many people, from your tone alone.”

– Ange

A great article with a huge amount of knowledge. I have experienced this and it’s not a nice position to be in. The hardest part was facing my children. Years on, I took it as a learning and now writing a PhD on my life experience from a place of survival on the outside to transformation through education. Thank you for a very insightful and heart touching truthful and real article.


What people have said

Here are just a few (unsolicited) testimonials from some of the wonderful people I have been fortunate enough to work with.

“Many thanks Elly, excellent feedback from client: 3 sessions with Red Poppy have helped me more than two and half years of psychotherapy”!

– Keith Guy, CEO Red Poppy Company 

Telephone counselling

“Thank you so much for our discussion on Monday.  It has really helped me straighten out my head.

Focusing on my non relationship areas of my life, and following on from you mentioning that a change in career may be beneficial, which I think really hit the nail on the head, I have been doing some careers research.”

– HF, Singapore

Couple counselling

“… We’d just like you to know that your counselling really helped and we’ve both moved on from the affair.

We are getting along really well now, we’ve had a couple of disagreements but both know how to deal with it now. We’re doing a lot more things together and are making lots of plans for the next few months/years. We’re both enjoying being close and are happier with ourselves and each other.

Thanks again for your help.”

– J and A, Gillingham, Kent

Workplace counselling

“I would just like to formally record my most sincere thanks for the way you have helped me come to terms with the break up of my marriage and the psychological torment I went through as a result.

… I know now that to react as I did to a marriage break up after 24 years together is perfectly normal and in no way a sign of weakness.

… I would never have imagined a year ago that I would let someone talk me into such a relaxed state that I would feel calm again …

Thank you again for all your hard work and the time and care you have taken to make me feel good again. I honestly don’t think I could have got there without your help.”

– Police Inspector

“Everyone knows what a difficult job policing can be and we know that we are called upon to take care of others. During quieter moments we often wonder who is looking out for us.

I know the answer to this and that it is you and your colleagues. Had you not spoken to me and followed it up it is unlikely that I would have sought the help that I needed and for this I and my family are most grateful and I thank you for this.”

– Police Sergeant

“I just wanted to offer my thanks and appreciation on behalf of [member of the team] and the department for what appears to be great progress made with him over the last few months.

It is very apparent from …’s demeanour and from having spoken to him that the TRiM and welfare process has been a success. He is a different person, walking with his head held high and with confidence.”

– Police Sergeant

“… If I look back to how I was a few months ago, I cannot believe how much I have improved and I really would not have been able to get through it without your help.  The things you have taught me, I will carry with me and continue to use them to help myself and others.

… Thank you once again, you have made such an impact on my recovery.  Your BRILLIANT!!

– Katie

“I just wanted to write to you to say thank you for all your guidance and help …

At the moment I am feeling 8 out of 10, so feeling pretty good, and thats thanks to you helping me tackle my hurdles.”

“… I just wanted to say a very very big thank you for always being there and helping me through a tough time.  Without your help, guidance and listening skills the decisions that I made would have been very difficult.  I am now stepping out into the big world with the knowledge that there are some people/situations that will never change but the strength to deal with them.”

– Lorraine, HR Adviser

The people I care most for are back in my life and that, I feel, is already a great achievement …

I can surely say the guidance I had from Elly Prior was Fantastic, she not only helped me find myself, but also put me back on the road to what I wanna aspire to. I can not thank her enough. I really cant!!”

– Sonny

… about my work with the Police Federation of England and Wales

“I worked with Elly in her capacity as a counsellor. She provided tremendous assistance when the Police Federation of England and Wales was compiling a toolkit on PTSD / Stress for all police staff in the UK.

I would like to thank her for professional guidance and assistance to the Federation and more importantly for the excellent work she has done for all Police Officers and Support Staff. I would recommend her services to anyone who needs counselling”.

– Paul Lewis, UK Health and Safety Secretary Police Federation of England and Wales

… about my work with a large UK Police Service

Click Here for an image of the Chief Constable’s Certificate of Merit for my work as Lead Co-ordinator for their Trauma Risk Management Programme (TRiM).

Click Here for an image of the Head of Directorate’s Certificate of Merit for our team at Kent Police.

…about my work with Employee Assistance Programmes

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with you throughout the years and we will always be grateful to you for your support and professionalism which has helped to build the Centre’s good reputation.

– Angie Wiggins, General Manager, The Dover Counselling Centre

… about my school counselling

“Many thanks for your continued support of students and staff at Gravesend Grammar School for Girls.  We value your service highly and have been appreciative of the advice and guidance you have been able to provide.”

– E. Wilson, Headteacher Mayfield Grammar School

… about my consultative support

Thank you so much for such a helpful and constructive response. I can’t tell you how great it was to receive this and it has given me a lot of food for thought moving on.

Your suggestions have all been extremely helpful and I feel far better prepared for our next session. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge –- it has been invaluable for me.”

– Personal performance coach

… about my coaching

The impact of coaching:

Less striving more thriving
Reduction in energy expenditure
Enabling me to focus on what is important
Helped me to discover my creative side: I am writing a book Peace of mind! Purpose!

– Mark Heffernan, Chartered Physiotherapist