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Taking a social anxiety quiz is a great way to start to deal with your anxieties.

I suspect that for you to have landed here, you've been feeling quite out of sorts because you're worried that you're suffering from social anxiety. Or, if you're trying to find information for someone else, this too is a great place to start. You can easily share the link to help your partner, friend or family member.

Below the test you'll find a list of resources to help you on your way to overcoming your social anxiety.

I'm rooting for you to be able to overcome your fears!

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Before you take the test, do let me know what your particular problems are...

Which situations do you fear most?
Being introduced to other people
Being teased or criticised
Being the centre of attention
Being watched while doing something
Meeting people in authority ('important' people)
Most social encounters, especially with strangers
Going around the room (or table) in a circle and having to say something
Interpersonal relationships, whether friendships or romantic
Please Specify:
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Discover the answer to your question: "Do I have social anxiety?"

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Are you suffering from social anxiety?

  1. Have you been feeling anxious or stressed about having to attend social gatherings?
  2. Are you doing all you can to avoid being the centre of attention? (E.g. avoiding public speaking, meeting strangers or eating with others etc.)
  3. Do you constantly worry about what other people might think of you?
  4. Are you avoiding developing yourself because you feel paralysed by the thought of stepping outside your comfort zone?
  5. Are there things you would love to be able to do if it weren't for your anxiety?
  6. Do you feel your heart pounding and/or racing whenever you're unable to get out of a feared situation?
  7. Do you start to worry about a social event days or even weeks in advance?
  8. Have you noticed that any symptoms of social anxiety you’re experiencing are starting to get worse?
  9. Do you worry that people will judge you for saying or doing the wrong thing?
  10. Do you sweat and tremble when you're in a feared situation?
  11. When you can't avoid going to a social gathering, do you often arrive with an escape plan already in place?
  12. Are you often worried that people will notice how anxious you’re feeling?
  13. Do you generally have low self-esteem?
  14. Is your social anxiety now affecting your work?
  15. Do you feel increasingly depressed?
  16. Are you feeling increasingly isolated?
  17. Are you avoiding more and more gatherings and activities?
  18. Has your anxiety lasted longer than 6 months?
  19. Have you started to self-medicate by drinking more and/or taking more prescribed or illegal drugs?
  20. Does your partner and/or people around you constantly undermine you?

Your score is: ...


What are your symptoms?
Racing heart
Turning red or blushing
Excessive sweating
Dry throat or mouth
Trembling or shaking
Difficulty swallowing
Muscle twitches
Trouble catching your breath
Can't think straight
Intense fear
Panic attacks
Inability to use a public toilet
Please Specify:
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9 Resources on professional-counselling.com to help you overcome social anxiety

  1. How to improve your self-esteem
  2. Emotional abuse signs
  3. Signs of an abusive relationship
  4. Social anxiety help and support
  5. Anxiety for no reason
  6. Stages of alcoholism
  7. Getting the right (relationship) advice
  8. Mental health counselling
  9. Treatment for anxiety

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“What Is Social Anxiety?” | The Social Anxiety Institute