How to save a marriage on the brink of divorce

The best ways to save a marriage from divorce – even if you’re the only one trying

No doubt you’re trying desperately to find the best ways to bring back your marriage from the brink of divorce. I suspect you’re experiencing a roller-coaster of feelings from pain, confusion and anger to anxiety and worries about the future.

I’m so glad you found my page, though. I’ve written a ton of advice and tips on how to build a healthy marriage and save it from divorce.

I’ve collated it all into easy to scan lists so that you can quickly find your way to the advice you need right now.

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What do you think is the reason your marriage is falling apart?
My spouse’s infidelity
My spouse’s lack of interest, care and consideration
My spouse is bored with our relationship
We argue constantly
My partner doesn’t find me attractive anymore
My partner is emotionally abusive
My partner is physically abusive
Differences of opinion on how to deal with the children
My lack of of interest, care and consideration for my spouse
We don’t do anything together
My spouse doesn’t want to make love to me anymore
We’ve grown apart
I have cheated on my partner
I’m not interest in making love anymore
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Photo: locks on a bridge. Ways to save a marriage on the brink of divorce.

How to save your marriage

Let’s start by considering what a healthy marriage might look like.

Because I’d like you to have something positive to aim for right away to help you save your marriage from divorce.

If you or your spouse have felt lonely in your marriage, the following will also help you to be a better husband or wife and really connect again…

How to repair a loveless marriage

Saving your marriage? Discover when it might be best to file for

Should you save your marriage from divorce?

Saving your marriage is going to take a huge amount of energy.

If you’ve read the above articles, you’ll now have an idea of what’s required to save a marriage on the brink of divorce. You’ll also know what you can do even if you feel you’re fighting to save your marriage on your own.

For whatever reason, you’re being forced to think about all this now – possibly with a sense of panic. But, you’ll first want to be sure that your marriage is actually worth saving…

Below you’ll find the relevant lists of articles I’ve written which all have a specific focus on helping you to repair your marriage.

7 resources to help you fix a broken

How to fix your marriage

  1. How to fix your marriage
  2. How to deal with criticism
  3. How to make your spouse fall in love with you again
  4. How to deal with money issues in your marriage
  5. How to deal with relationship stress
  6. Bored in or with your marriage
  7. How to deal with rejection
Photo: 2 sparrows looking away from each other. 5 resources to help you deal with common marital

How to deal with common marital problems

  1. 25 Common marital problems
  2. Relationship communication
  3. How to stop arguing, with fair fighting rules
  4. How to deal with a jealous spouse
  5. How to handle jealousy

How to save a loveless marriage from divorce

Surviving infidelity

Married with children

Front cover worksheet. Dealing with your relationship problems when your partner isn't interested.
Circular banner with chat boxes. Text: Get help now. Chat with a professional counsellor
Don’t delay getting professional help!

Marriage help

Of course, as a professional couples counsellor, I would advise you to go for couples therapy, wouldn’t I!

I’ve always loved my job (although I’m now semi-retired). So please don’t hesitate to seek marriage help. As couples therapists, we’re so happy and so well-trained to offer help, support and guidance.

Here’s the lowdown on marriage counselling:

Helping you to help yourself

I know you’re going through a really tough time right now. So, here’s my last contribution to help you look after yourself and help you heal…

Front of worksheet. Text: How to stop feeling overwhelmed. Take control of your emotions.
It’s free! Be sure to download and use this worksheet

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