Fun and revealing relationship quizzes and questions to enjoy during an evening in

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Quality time together and fun relationship questions

Here are some fun relationship quizzes to keep you and your partner entertained for a while.

Just in case ...

Has the search engine sent you to the wrong page? Looking for a quiz to see whether or not you should walk away from your relationship, hop over to my Relationship Compatibility Test.

You might think that you know your partner pretty well, but how sure are you really? The person you met, whenever that was, has changed!

Every conversation and experience you each have, every programme you watch, everything you read and every course or seminar you attend changes something in you.

As a couple counsellor I often encourage people to set aside one evening a fortnight (at the very least!) to spend quality time together. That means the children (if you have any) are sent to their room with a tray of 'goodies' or if possible you have arranged for a babysitter.

If you're staying in, the TV and doorbell are switched off and your mobiles should be on silent and left in a different room!

Your own fun compatibility tests

Question marks

Below is a list of fun and punchy relationship quizzes for you. They all have fun relationship questions to help you have a 'good old natter' and a laugh whilst closely cuddled up on the sofa, out at dinner, or maybe even out on a picnic.

Don't argue about the answers though - each one of you is entitled to your opinion and you can't change your partner, however vigorously you argue your point!

However, at the same time, you'll form your own judgements about your partner's answers. Are you really compatible, even if you're having fun right now?

Just the two of you?

Imagine yourself snuggled up with you partner. You've lit some candles, poured a glass of wine or wrapped your fingers around a mug of hot chocolate.

Whichever way is right for you - make it special and use these fun relationship questions to create a memorable conversation!

As an aside - the questions could also be used to make your own free relationship compatibility test.

Close up of a couple about to kiss

Fun relationship quizzes

Be sure to keep it light and just move on to the next question if you haven't a clue on how to answer.

Don't forget - these questions could be used to come up with your own free relationship compatibility report, or purely just for entertainment.

For deeper conversations, get my relationship-saving guide, which has expert tools to help you each really open up.

A quiz about what if you had no choice, but...

... you were told to swap your car for a bike?

... you had to hand in your computer/laptop for a month?

... you had to hand in your mobile for a month?

... you suddenly earned five times as much as you do now?

... you were chosen to become the next president/prime minister?

... you were invited onto the podium during a television show?

... you became a successful entrepreneur?

... you were offered the opportunity to travel abroad?

A quiz about your dreams and famous people

  1. Which politician would you most like to meet and why?
  2. Which celebrity would you most like to meet and why?
  3. Which sports person would you most like to meet and why?
  4. Which experienced professional would you most like to spend time with and why?
  5. If you could be an actor in a film, which film would it be?
  6. If you could be a character from a book, which book and character would it be?
  7. If you were on a desert island, which comedian would you want to share the experience with?
  8. Who was your best teacher and why?
  9. Who do you most admire at work and why?

Remember your funniest - or most embarrassing - moments?

Questions about the most embarrassing moments

  1. What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you?
  2. What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever witnessed?
  3. What's been your most embarrassing wardrobe failure?
  4. What's the most embarrassing thing your parents have ever said?
  5. What's the most embarrassing thing your parents ever did?

A fun quiz about what you would do

What would you do or be tempted to do if you were left to look after someone else's...

... kids
... car
... business
... wife/husband
... house
... mobile phone
... computer
... email account (keep it fun!)

You can make these into really fun relationship questions by coming up with the most ridiculous or creative answers you can imagine!

Fun questions about your worst moments

  1. What's the worst meal you've ever had in a restaurant?
  2. What's the worst job you've ever had?
  3. When did you have your worst hangover?
  4. What's the worst haircut you've ever had?

Questions about the happiest moments

  1. What was your happiest moment at work?
  2. What was your happiest moment at home?
  3. What was the very happiest time in your life?
  4. What were the happiest moments with the person who has had the most influence on your life?

Have fun discovering each other's funniest experiences

  1. What's the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?
  2. What's the funniest thing you ever witnessed at school, work, or anywhere else?
  3. What's the funniest film/play you've ever seen?

Find out about each other's travelling habits and stories

  1. If money and time were plentiful - what kind of travelling would you want to do?
  2. What would be a 'nightmare' holiday?
  3. What would you do if you were asked to accompany your very best friend on such a holiday? (Not going is not an option!)
  4. What would you do if your life depended on accepting and eating the local delicacies: sheep's eyes, kangaroo testicles, grubs etc
  5. How would you organise the best holiday, but spend the least amount of money?

Some more serious questions

Quizzing each other about more serious stuff

Well... the following questions are a little more serious, so decide beforehand whether or not this is the right time to ask them. I wouldn't want you to slip into too serious a conversation if it doesn't suit the occasion!

  1. How would you go about 'redesigning' your life by making meaningful changes if you earned half of what you do now?
  2. What's your worst fear?
  3. What's the most tragic event you've ever witnessed? (Be very careful with this one - if you suspect that your partner is still very affected by something then do time it right and be very gentle).
  4. What's the most difficult 'goodbye' you have ever had? (The same applies here as for question 3).

FREE printable list with fun relationship quizzes

Just to make it easier for you - here is a link to a free printable list of relationship questions with all the questions so you can print them.

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