Free quiz with marriage compatibility questions

“Are we really compatible?” you might be asking yourself.

You could be asking this for fun. But, you could equally be wondering if the two of you are really suited to each other because you’re having some problems.

One or both of you may be wondering: “Can we make it together and survive troubled times?”

The free relationship quiz further down has questions based on my experience as a professional couples counsellor.

But why stop there?

What if you wake up one day next to the person you once thought the world of and suddenly find yourself wishing they were someone else?

I’m hoping that with this article I can help you. I’m aiming to help you figure out if the two of you really are compatible, and whether committing yourself to marry your partner – or staying married – is a relatively safe bet (it can’t ever be guaranteed of course).

For a full picture of all that your relationship entails, take my Comprehensive Relationship Test

Dating? First relationship? Engaged to be married? Second marriage?

Regardless of whether or not you’ve been married before, if you’re in a serious relationship I totally understand that you (and perhaps your partner) want to get an idea of how compatible you really are.

You’ll want to gain some insight into your partner’s personality and character traits, beyond the obvious. You’ll absolutely need to know if you’ve netted yourself an incompatible partner, however amazing the chemistry between the two of you might feel.

If you happen to have been in a bad relationship before, you’ll be even more interested in the outcome of the marriage compatibility test, I’m sure. You’ll probably have had a rotten time before and you’ll want to prevent it from happening again if you can.

If by any chance, you’re having relationship problems at the moment, a compatibility test might not be the best – or only – resource you need. Be sure to hop over to my signpost article on the most common relationship problems. And just in case – if you haven’t a clue where the problem really lies, take a look at my article on problem-solving strategies. It will help you to pinpoint what’s really going on.

Whatever your situation, you’d be right to mistrust any horoscope you read or any numerology/zodiac/name compatibility test or quiz you take. And you wouldn’t want to rely on any astrological charts, psychic readings or dubious fairground fortune-tellers predicting your future together either.

You might have total faith in the law of attraction. However, I strongly urge you to rely on anything other than any personal responsibility for your future happiness.

Making hard choices

Before you answer the questions I’d like you to watch this short video about making hard choices – it’s invaluable…

How to make hard choices | Ruth Chang

Free online relationship quiz as a taster

The compatibility test below consists of less than a quarter of the comprehensive relationship compatibility test. It’s here to help you start taking a good look at your relationship and perhaps your spouse-to-be.

All too often I’ve come across couples who knew the night before their marriage that they were making a mistake. I so hope that you’re not going to be one of them!

If you’ve already planned your wedding and you know you shouldn’t go through with it, it’s not too late to prevent yourself from making the biggest mistake of your life.

Really think about your answers to the questions below and follow the links to discover tons about yourself, your partner and your relationship.

You can also view this couple’s quiz as a starting point on your journey together. See it as a way to learn about each other, and to discover to give your relationship every chance of growing strong and healthy.

Relationship or marriage compatibility questions

Interactive compatibility quiz with immediate results

Relationship or marriage compatibility questions

  1. Have you been able to accept your partner mostly without wanting to change him or her?
  2. Is your partner generally thoughtful?
  3. Does he/she talk to you about important decisions?
  4. Are you absolutely sure you both do – or do not – want children? Or if you have children, are you generally in agreement on strategies and major decisions?
  5. If you have children, how sure are you that the way you observe them treat your children is as respectful and caring as when you are not there?
  6. Do you consider your partner to be your best friends?
  7. Is your partner happy for you to spend time away, for example for a business trip, a holiday with friends, a workshop, etc?
  8. Looking back over your relationship, have you on the whole felt happy, even if not of late?
  9. Are you happy with your partner’s values and beliefs?
  10. If your partner doesn’t tend to say: “I love you”, do you feel loved anyway, even though they don’t use those exact words?
  11. Is your partner interested in what makes you tick?
  12. Would you trust your partner if they called you to say they can’t get home for what appears to be a good reason – stuck at work, at the airport, missed a train, etc?
  13. Do you feel physically attracted to your partner?
  14. With regards to your sexual compatibility, do you feel comfortable enough to ask for what you want?
  15. With regards to desire – do you feel that your partner wants you more than she or he needs you?
  16. With regards to libido – does your partner understand, without any judgement, that passion comes and goes?
  17. Can you have a decent conversation about the things you disagree on?
  18. When you do row, are you able to genuinely make up relatively quickly?
  19. Could you cope, without resentment, if your partner became dependent on you for a period of time because of a physical condition?
  20. Could you cope, without resentment, if they became dependent for a period of time because of mental or psychological condition?
  21. Does your partner contribute toward joint bills equally, relative to their earnings and situation?
  22. Are you able to let your partner have the space and time to pursue their interests without your feeling neglected – within reason?
  23. Do you agree on what – within reason – means?
  24. Would he or she support you if you had to take care of/spend more time with your family?
  25. Has your partner introduced you to her or his friends?
  26. Would your partner be understanding if you suddenly had to work longer hours or work at the weekend because you felt it would further your career or allow you to change direction?
  27. Do your arguments start harshly with much negativity, e.g. destructive criticism and sarcasm?
  28. Do complaints about your behaviour turn into criticism about you as a person?
  29. Have you given up on trying to talk things over?
  30. Are you leading almost separate lives?

Your score is:


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Abusive relationship quiz

  1. Does your partner constantly criticise and undermine you?
  2. Do they deliberately ignore and stonewall you?
  3. Do they physically hurt you - punching, slapping, pinching, shoving?
  4. Have family and friends expressed concerns about your well-being in this relationship?

Click the link for further questions and information about the signs of an abusive relationship and emotional abuse signs.

Of course, you'd also want to know how you can positively contribute to ensuring you're building a healthy relationship. So, I highly recommend you also visit my articles with healthy relationships tips and advice and the secrets of a happy marriage.

Take happiness from what you do have instead of focusing on what you don't and can't have.

In need of relationship advice?

I really hope you found these questions worthwhile whether or not you're married (yet).

Need a bit of extra help?

Talking things through with a trusted friend or loved one can be a great place to start. Alternatively, you can connect - in confidence - with a professional, licensed therapist. For further information, see my page: Online Relationship Advice.

I think you'll also enjoy using my Loving Communication Kit for Couples. It's packed full of tips, advice and tools which can benefit you right now, and in the future.

See my article on the 'who, what, where and when' of getting trustworthy relationship advice for further information.

There's sooo much you can do to achieve a happy and fulfilling relationship.

But, you need to take action! :-)

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