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Relationship communication can be really tricky! To effectively deal with a relationship problem, advice really does need to include help with communication - even though there are likely to be other aspects of the relationship needing attention.

You may feel hurt, and struggle to understand that after frequent explanations your partner still doesn't 'get it'! You might have repeated the same thing over and over again, and now it only causes arguments.

Even when you seem to be getting through, you can often feel disappointed again later when you discover that nothing's really changed. I so hope I can help you with your relationship issues.

My website is packed with advice so do have a look around, and also subscribe to my RSS feed and ezine. I'm here to help you make the changes that will really turn your relationship around for the better.

You might come to the painful conclusion that - no matter how hard you try - your relationship just isn't going to work out. But don't despair - I can help you get through that difficult time too.

With the latter in mind, you may already be wondering if your relationship can survive - hence you're looking for relationship guidance. If so, my Relationship Compatibility Test can help you to figure out what kind of problems there are in your relationship and indeed whether it's worth hanging on.

Can't be doing with any of that? Are you looking for really fast help, right now? In that case, I'd recommend hopping over to my review on one of the best formulas for saving your relationship or marriage - developed by Lee Baucom, PhD.

What could be underlying your relationship problem?

You're viewing the world, other people, and yourself through a 'template'.

Your own personal template is shaped by your age, gender, culture, health, previous experiences and so on. It determines the meaning you attach to whatever's going on around you and your understanding of the words and phrases other people use.

You're likely to want to surround yourself with people who think in a similar way to you. They unconsciously confirm that your way of seeing things is the right way.  The books you read, the TV programmes you watch and the music you listen to all confirm that too. You're constantly filtering out information that doesn't fit with how you see yourself, without even knowing.

Why doesn't your partner understand?

Don't forget that a word is only a symbol for what's going round in somebody's head. Your 'translation' of that symbol may not come anywhere near what the other person really meant.

For this reason, it's no wonder you and/or your partner misunderstand each other so often! And unfortunately that means you end up with a relationship problem. Advice from a professional counsellor can make all the difference, as he or she can explain and 'translate' for you both.


Ask your partner to think of an object (a chair, a tree, a house, a flower or any other object) paying attention to colours, fragrance, texture and sounds.  

Do the same yourself.

Describe in turn what you saw. How did the images, smells, sounds and textures differ? What were the similarities?

What can you learn from this about your Relationship Communication and your relationship problems?

Advice on this page won't be enough to sort the problems completely, so do explore the whole site to find the help that you need in your particular situation.

Are you both assuming too much?

If you and your partner are constantly making assumptions about what each other thinks, this can really cause relationship problems.

Hop over to Part 2 for more Advice on Relationship Problems, and to find out why making assumptions might be damaging your relationship.

Part 1, Part 2

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