Doubts about your relationship?
Is it time to end it?

Find out now with my relationship or marriage compatibility test

If you have doubts about your relationship it's no wonder that you're looking for a marriage compatibility test or in fact anything that could help sort the muddle in your head!

You are as individual and as amazing as any star in the sky - there is no one in the world like you.  You deserve to have a truly rewarding and happy relationship, with someone really special.

The question is... are you - or are you not - with that person right now

Are you really being true to yourself in this relationship?

Can you be happy in it (again), or is it time to end it?

I understand that this can be an all-consuming dilemma.  As a couples therapist I know only too well how much is at stake when you have invested so much hope and energy into your relationship or marriage.

So it’s understandable that when things aren't going as smoothly as you’d like, you can end up feeling unsure about the future. That's why I set up this site with online love relationship advice.

But how do you know whether – or even when – to end your relationship?  I believe I can help you with this.

Together let's just start with what is happening for you right now...

Do you recognise yourself in any of the following?

Discontent is the first necessity of progress."

Albert Einstein
  • You keep telling your partner what bothers you, but it makes no (lasting) difference OR...
  • You suffer in silence, but have difficulty being 'nice'
  • You keep struggling on and pretending all is well
  • You keep promising yourself you'll do something about it and feel bad when you don't
  • You don't really commit, but are 'kind of' playing the game
  • You give yourself all kinds of reasons as to why you’re not doing anything about it (like ending it, or going for counselling)
  • You ask friends, family or colleagues for advice
  • You’re stuck in a rut and just keep mulling over the same old problems
  • You’re waiting for your partner to change
  • You’re spending more and more time imagining what life would be like if you were to end your relationship or marriage
  • You’re tempted to have or are already having an affair
  • You’re staying out later, coming home from work later and inventing all kinds of excuses for the reasons why
  • You’re generally trying to avoid your partner or spouse
  • You’re hoping your partner will finish it because you don't know what to do, or you don't want to be the one to finish it
  • You're falling out of love
  • You're still in love, but constantly feel rejected

You probably already know that none of these strategies are helping you to get you what you want, or letting you resolve the problems in any way!

Whether you’re feeling hurt, bored, trapped, suffocated or unsure for any other reason, the right help and advice can be hard to come by and is all too often biased.  Yet your happiness, that of your partner and any children you may have all depend on the right guidance.

You deserve to be happy, and I want to help you to achieve this.

Why I care

I passionately believe that with a little bit more 'know how', understanding and empathy anyone can create a better relationship.  All of the information here on my website stems from that belief. 

I understand that as human beings we all NEED to feel connected and cherished. My training and experience means I can be here to help you to successfully achieve this.

I am a qualified, BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) accredited and experienced couple counsellor.  I have helped well over 2000 individuals and couples. I gained my qualification with the largest and most respected expert UK couple counselling organisation, RELATE. 

Would a relationship or marriage compatibility test help you make your decision more easily?

For sure a good relationship quiz would help you understand the bigger picture.  It would help you see the things you may be blind to.

A relationship test or marriage compatibility test should...

  • focus your attention on not only your emotional needs, but also those of your partner or spouse
  • show you what is good, what is questionable and what are absolute deal-breakers in your relationship
  • help you find new ways to be really clear about what you actually want from your relationship
  • focus on issues that truly matter, not what your favourite song is and which personality you want to invite to dinner

So, you just need to be sure that you are getting the right relationship compatibility test - not one devised by someone with no knowledge of, or experience in, couples therapy (like so many online tests out there!)

Could I help you with my relationship test?

Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it's a thing to be achieved."

William Jennings Bryan, 41st United States Secretary of State

I know that there are masses of people who are unsure if their relationship or marriage will ever work out. Many wonder if they'll ever be happy again. Yet all too many are not willing, ready or able to go for counselling.

Perhaps you too have tried to address the problems in your relationship or marriage. Maybe you've ended up feeling unhappy and trapped and for your own reasons are not able to go to counselling.  Yet I'm sure you are still searching for answers.

I can help by providing you with a 'road map' - a marriage compatibility test I personally developed using my training and experience. I can help you decide if it’s time to end your relationship or whether there is still hope of transforming it.

I know that you have the answers already deep inside of you.

See your relationship in a new way

I am here to give you a starting point to help you think clearly and cut through the 'clutter' in your brain (if there is any clutter of course).

I searched through several years’ worth of counselling notes to create and refine a comprehensive, simple but powerful relationship test or marriage compatibility test.

My quiz will help you by….

  • shining a light on your blind-spots (which we all have!) to bring to your attention vital information you may not have considered before
  • encouraging you to take off those rose-tinted glasses if you find that you are a bit of a dreamer
  • demonstrating that the glass doesn’t always have to be half-empty - particularly useful if you've been focussing on all the negative stuff lately
  • opening the door for you to decide the best way forward fast – to stay, or to walk away (remember that if you decide it’s time to walk away this does NOT mean that you’ve ‘failed’)

You'll discover - step-by-step - what is really going on in your relationship or marriage.

You'll find out whether or not the two of you really do have a chance of making it together, and why or why not.

"It may show to some that actually, their problems aren't so bad, in the greater context."

Miriam Chachamu, Family Therapist, Trainer, speaker
Author of "How to Calm a Challenging Child", London

These are the consequences

I know that breaking up a committed relationship or marriage is so difficult and painful, whether you are the instigator or not.

It is even harder if you have children.  You only have to imagine having to tell them what’s going to happen to know that it will cut right through all of your hearts.  And we haven't even talked about what it is like to have another man / woman bring up your children!

Splitting up is also expensive as you may need to cover the cost of childcare, a house move resulting in two homes and cars, legal bills, maintenance payments and so on, possibly with reduced working hours.

Sadly all too often the break up is irreversible should you change your mind after all (and yes, that does happen!).  Whilst it may sound harsh to talk about money, please do remember: the end of your relationship or marriage can have a massive negative impact on your finances.

Use my marriage compatibility test and you can feel totally secure that you have come to a decision with the best knowledge, awareness and understanding you have at this time.

How much is it worth to not have to go through telling your kids that their parents are splitting up? Or feeling years down the line that you've stayed for all the wrong reasons?

How much is it worth to know exactly where the problem is if you do decide to stay, so that you can begin to address it right away (and remember: the real problem may not be what you think it is!)?

Is this relationship test right for you?

Could you answer any of the following questions with a "YES"?

  • Are there warning signs that your partner isn't happy?
  • Is your partner pushing for more commitment than you are ready for?
  • Are you worried you’re not compatible - sexually, emotionally, socially, spiritually?
  • Are you beginning to find out that you have very different values and beliefs?
  • Have you already started to withdraw from your partner?
  • Are you living like 'brother and sister' or friends, without passion?
  • Does your head tell you to end it while your heart says that you want it to work - or vice versa?
  • Do you often feel hurt, let down, frustrated, angry or simply bored?
  • Are you nevertheless wishing and hoping it could work out?
  • Are you reluctant to end it because you still care for him or her?
  • Do you feel guilty for considering a separation because your partner is basically a 'good' person?
  • You feel torn because there are two people you love
  • You think you have married the wrong person
  • You are married or in a committed relationship, but you don't want to live the rest of your life like 'this'

If you answered yes to any of those questions then I believe for sure that you could do with finding out what is standing in the way of your happiness, and I hope you will let me help you with that by way of my marriage compatibility test.

What you get with my test...

Relationship Test e-Cover

You will get a simple but powerful quiz requiring only YES or NO answers, taking you through every aspect of your relationship.

There’s no drama, no 'beating around the bush', no jargon, no 'personality' tests nor anything to do with statistics...

... this test completely focuses on the 'stuff' that you are dealing with day by day, week by week, as most frequently reported by those individuals and couples who came to see me for counselling.

This test is personal to you, your partner, your situation, your thoughts and feelings and your relationship.  Nobody's looking over your shoulder - you have free rein to answer as truthfully as you dare.

You'll also find out what might be stopping you making the next step towards freedom OR true commitment (which can be freeing in itself).  Those questions alone can help to move you in the right direction towards doing what you need to do if there is still a chance to save your relationship.

Just 1.5 hour to make that decision

Just an hour and a half of your time is all you need to go through my relationship quiz (but there’s no hurry so you can take as much time to think as you like).

I have done all the hard work and designed a tick-list that takes you by the hand when making that crucial decision.

After doing the test you will know if there is hope for your relationship or marriage.

You will know where it needs 'tweaking', or if it is time to end it and why. 

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy some sense of security and peace of mind about doing the right thing at the right time.

Who is this test not suitable for?

I'd hate to think you would waste your time (not money as I would quickly arrange for a refund if necessary), so here is what I would want you to know up front...

  • I have made it as easy as possible for you with the 'yes' or 'no' format of the answers to the questions. You can think through all the different aspects of your relationship step-by-step.
  • However, this test is not for you if you are not prepared to really think about your answers, be challenged and take responsibility. You've got to be open to new insights!
  • This test is probably also not for you if you are in the counselling professions and experienced in working with couples (unless you want to use this test with your clients).
  • If you want a 'validated' test, this is not for you either.
    In any case - you should not want any 'tool' based on statistics to decide on your destiny - there are too many variables.

I am making it as easy as I can for you to make the right decision.

A year from now you may wish you had started today."

Karen Lamb, Author

Stay or Walk Away?

Buy now and decide today...

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"A magnificent piece of work."

William Andrews, Senior Associate
International Center for Clinical Excellence

Can You Save Your Relationship, YES or NO?: Expert Relationship Test

Can You Save Your Relationship, YES or NO?: Expert Relationship Test

"Before getting to the point of no-return and committing yourself, this questionnaire can help you to know your partner better. It touches on things you may never have talked about before!"

Ana Maria, Miami (FLA)

Any questions about this test?

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