How to get your ex back and save your relationship or marriage

By | Updated: 5 Sep 2017

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So you're devastated and I so understand. All you can do right now is think about your now ex and how you can get him or her back.

I imagine that at the moment you have a broken heart, you can't sleep, can't think and can't function. This is not a nice place to be.

You may or may not know why your ex left or told you "it’s over". Maybe it even happened very suddenly. Unfortunately sometimes partners leave without having given any hint that they intended to do so. 

I totally understand that you would do anything to get back with your ex-spouse or partner.  The prospect of being on your own – ‘forever’ without him or her – may seem unbearable. And if you have children you're doubtless hurting for them too.

So, I'm going to help you out with the advice that will give you the best possible chance of getting back with your ex-partner or spouse.

If you have just 'lost' your partner, you're very likely to be on a roller-coaster of negative emotions right now, including shock and perhaps anger.  

Or you may have become 'needy', and I'm sure you know what I mean by this…endless texting, phone calls, messages, turning up where you're not invited and anything else that shows how emotional and dependent you are feeling (though you probably don't see it like that!).

I’m afraid that none of these things will help you to win your ex back in a healthy way. The only possible outcome is that your ex'll feel so guilty that they will return to you out of a sense of duty or obligation. You'll have won the fight, but lost the battle, as unfortunately negative emotions make for a lousy foundation.

It is very natural to feel too emotional to be able to think clearly. However, your current state of mind may put you at risk of doing the very thing that will drive your ex even further away.

Fear not though - there may still be a chance to save your relationship. I am going to help you to try to make sure you're doing the right thing – for both of you. That's the only way your ex (who could also be in turmoil right now) will take any notice of you.

Should you leave it to chance?

You need to act quickly if you want to have the best possible chance of winning your ex back and getting him or her to want to save your relationship.

I've reviewed a resource that will help you to understand how you can avoid pushing your partner further away, when what you really want is a reconciliation.

Does my opinion count?

I simply want to help you to achieve the outcome you most desire. I'm using my knowledge gained from training and qualifying with RELATE, the UK's best-known and most trusted couple counselling agency.

I have over 23 years’ experience with over 8,500 sessions under my belt. During this time I have helped literally thousands of individuals and couples to overcome their relationship problems.

I know a good relationship resource when I see one. I have found an e-book with crucial information that will give you a fighting chance to win back the love you have lost.

So, if your partner has told you it's over or he or she has left, please read on for my review.

Review of The Magic of Making Up

“The Magic of Making Up” is written by T W Jackson. In my search to find something that is worth your investment in terms of time and money - this is the most sensible, realistic and successful method I have found.

This bundle comes with a fantastic bonus feature on the art of apologising – which can be very handy indeed!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to family and friends, even with my cautionary note further down (which may or may not apply to you).

This is why...

Helping you to get your ex back

I was immediately reassured that the tone of the content was pleasant and engaging, and on the whole I agreed with much of Jackson's advice.

His explanation of acting as though you were feeling a certain way may sound a little disingenuous, however the principles behind what he's asking are absolutely on the ball.

Simple yet powerful advice

Jackson deals with your question of 'why' head-on. He starts with an explanation of the most likely reason that your partner has left.

He does make some sweeping statements though about the nature of men, women and what they want. Of course you and I know that there are plenty of individual differences, even though right now you may be inclined to say: "All men/women are ...”

Ultimately you know your (ex)partner best (even if you are now wondering about that!).

You'll also learn how to quickly relieve the pain of being abandoned in the immediate aftermath. Believe me - that advice alone will help you to avoid taking any action that would without a doubt undermine your chances of a reconciliation. It'll also minimise the risk of falling into a depression that'll prevent you from seeing any opportunity to win your ex back.

Jackson's advice throughout is largely sensible and very 'do-able'.

Step-by-step action plan

Jackson guides you step-by-step through his carefully thought-out plan. His methods help you to get back on your feet and into a stronger state of mind. How much better than a 'needy' you pleading for your partner's return.

You may have to swallow your pride initially, however the outcome is well worth it. Be prepared for some work though!

A word of caution

Jackson talks about dating and lovers in the interim. You may well be thinking: "As if ...", but depending on your character, the level of your distress and relationship history, you may just be tempted.

I do have a word of caution, particularly if you have children: it's not a good idea to start dating so soon - whatever the reason.  Starting another relationship too quickly after the break-up would add another layer of anxiety, confusion and distress to children who are very likely already in emotional turmoil.

Will The Magic of Making Up help you get back together?

With Jackson's advice you have a fighting chance of rebuilding your relationship. In any case - you'll come through this difficult period with your self-esteem intact and your confidence boosted.

I would be very happy to recommend this to family and friends. I would love you to take action now, to at the very least give you back a sense of control. If you've got this far, I know for sure you're really feeling miserable right now! Get "The Magic of Making Up"!

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