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It has taken me a long time to find the natural remedies I'm really happy to recommend to you. I take huge pride in my website and I only want to recommend the best resource.

I'm therefore really chuffed to have found Native Remedies.

Here's why:

  • They have a team of qualified herbalist, naturopaths and homeopaths on hand, so you know this isn't a website run by a dodgy internet marketeer (yes, they're about!).

  • They're ready to give you caring, empathic and expert one-to-one personalised advice - get expert help free of charge. If you're at all unsure what's best in your situation I so advice you to take advantage of that service.

  • You can shop by condition, which makes it easy to find the right remedies

  • They'll get it to you really fast, where ever you are.

  • Their remedies are free from gluten, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, so as add to your trouble

  • The remedies are never tested on animals - dreadful for them and for us, because we're different!

  • Your call to their ordering service is free of charge

  • They have a 1-year unconditional Money Back Guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by trying

  •  You'll get high quality, safe remedies your body can easily absorb without the side-effects (important, as just taking something doesn't mean your body is going to recognise, absorb and use it - at all or in the way it was meant to)

  • Their remedies are not only fast-acting but they are developed with your long-term well-being in mind and support your total health (medication your doctor prescribes all too often has the opposite effect!).

I used to be a qualified pharmacy technician and happy to take whatever pill was flavour of the month for anything even slightly bothersome.

However, over time I've come to understand how complex our bodies/minds are.

Now I know what a fallacy it is that we can somehow cure all ills with chemicals packed in pretentious-looking, sweet-tasting stuff.

These days I'm always on the look-out for ways to support my own health and well-being, that of my clients and yours. Therefore I'm so happy to acquaint you with Native Remedies!

My recommendations - your solutions

Melancholy Lift - Homeopathic remedy relieves feelings of sadness, grief and weepiness

Mindsooth - to relieve symptoms of depression

PureCalm for stress, tension, anxiety and/or panic attacks

Anger-Soothe - Homeopathic remedy reduces anger, frustration, irritability and night-time tension

Homeopathic Sleep Tonic - Increases drowsiness before sleep

Serenite Jr for your child's sleep problems (for children and babies 6 months +)

Thyroid Assist - nature's treatment for hypothyroidism without the negative effects of synthetic prescription drugs

Thanda Passion Booster for improved female libido and pleasure

Natural remedies for stress: valerian
Common Valerian

Image courtesy of: Patrick Talbert and Bart Busshots