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Does this sound like you?

Sleeping soundly is a distant dream in itself. You worry about going to bed and lying awake again. You go to bed tired, yet wired.

You restlessly toss and turn - racing thoughts making it impossible to settle down. You're hyper-alert, aware of even the slightest sounds. You can’t get comfortable.

Recent events, guilt, worry, anger, disappointments, losses and stresses are constantly on your mind.

When you finally fall asleep you wake up repeatedly - fed up to the back teeth. You're aware of having worried even whilst you were asleep. Now you worry about waking up your partner as well.

In the morning, you wake up far too early. You feel groggy - as if you haven't slept at all, worried about how to cope with the following day. You're grumpy, unable to focus, miserable and exhausted. Everything feels too much... you notice only more problems, yet you can't focus to solve them.

You're reluctant to even go home at the end of the day, knowing that there will be just as many demands at home as there are at work. You fall asleep in front of the TV, with your partner complaining about your lack of attention...

Why I can help

I've condensed, in one 28-page Sleep Guide for the Tired and Wired, over 3 years' worth of knowledge and experience. I've helped people to sleep soundly throughout the night during stressful and/or distressing times in their lives, ensuring they wake up feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Right at the start of my counselling career, over 24 years ago, I realised how much a lack of sleep prevented my clients from dealing effectively with their difficult times. I realised the detrimental impact of their insomnia on their relationships. However, I was trained to deal with relationship problems - nothing else.

Then one day a normally very capable, fun-loving, resourceful woman came to see me for relationship problems. The cause? Her total inability to get a decent night's sleep after she'd gone through several traumatic life events.

She'd turned into a miserable ogre and was quite unlike her 'normal self'. Her doctor had prescribed antidepressants and sleep medication. She refused to take them. I realised that I just had to do more to help.

From then on, I started educating myself about sleep, sleep deprivation, the most likely causes and the most simple, effective and safe solutions. I attended workshops, read expert newsletters, spoke to doctors, looked at the research and started informing my clients. However, unfortunately results were inconsistent.

Then I stumbled on a new school of psychology with THE most exciting approach to counselling. FINALLY I learned what to do with sleepless souls. Three years later I qualified and had a 'bag full of tools’ to help people on the edge of a breakdown and/or during distressing times. Most importantly I knew how to help people SLEEP BETTER.

Over the last 3 years in particular I've seen results improve significantly. I've learned to ask the right questions to get to the root of the problems. Counselling helps, but the right information on what stops you sleeping well and what can make it a great deal worse is available right here, right now.

How you can benefit from this ebook

This book is designed solely to help you to sleep. If you're at the end of your tether right now and just don't know where to go for help, then you're in the right place. I can help you.

This book is full of sleep tips, sleep aids and ways to benefit from natural sleep remedies. You can learn to...

  1. Discover the root cause of your soul shattering tiredness, to identify the right sleep strategies and remedies with my list of potential 'sleep stealers'.
  2. Stop emotions getting in the way of the facts, prevent wasted journeys to the doctor and a potential misdiagnosis - record your sleep troubles with my sleep log.
  3. Stop or prevent life-sapping dependence on psycho-active, mind-altering drugs, and super strengthen your resolve with my exposure of the myths surrounding those 'magic bullets'.
  4. Stop sleep stealing thoughts and reduce stress with my 7 thought taming tips.
  5. Reduce environmental sleep stealing irritations and increase your comfort with my 10 ways to the perfect sleep space.
  6. Avoid energy sapping, stress inducing food and drinks and improve sleep readiness with 11 tips on avoiding the worst offenders.
  7. Increase sleep readiness with 7 top tips that super charge your bedtime routine, instead of hoping for the best, fretting all evening and delaying going to bed. You can learn to work with your body clock, instead of against it.
  8. Use the sleep aids that support and promote your overall physical, mental and emotional well-being with my 8 tips to mesmerise your mind, instead of increasing your sleep problem with harmful mind-altering medication.
  9. Choose from several health promoting ‘chemicals’ familiar to your body to re-establish a normal sleep-wake cycle with these 5 topping-up tips for nutritional/natural supplements.
  10. Stop ‘going crazy’ with these effective restlessness relieving, sleep inducing remedies from my list of the most effective herbal remedies.
  11. Swap the shattering noise with a gentle rhythmic sound, and avoid a soul destroying marital breakdown with easy anti-snoring remedies.

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