The tested and proven way to save a marriage or long-term relationship

This page, and my recommended resource, is for you if...

... you are feeling hurt by what your partner has done
... you are disappointed in how your relationship is turning out
... you feel let down, unappreciated
... you no longer feel admired
... you don't know what to do for the best
... you don't know if you love your partner/spouse anymore
... you don't want to give up just yet

Despite all this you may still feel that you have too much to lose if you were to break up now - you want to know how you can save a marriage (relationship).

Why wishing for an overnight miracle won't work

  • 'just hoping for the best' will only prolong the agony
  • thinking that if only your partner was different, you would be okay, isn't realistic - even if it was your truth 
  • trying to change your partner won't be successful either (I'm sure you have tried that!) 
  • even if your partner seems to have given up on you and your relationship, you can change things for the better - just not in the way you thought 
  • you may be able to win him or her back, but you need to know the right ways to save a marriage 
  • delay in dealing with problems such as infidelity will damage your relationship even more

Here's an overview of what you need to do to save your marriage.

Ready to do what it takes to save your marriage or relationship?

Here is what you can do to not only save your marriage or relationship, but to transform it:

  • absorb any additional quality material from books, television programmes, psychology magazines, etc., to continue to increase your emotional intelligence
  • study the pages on my website on communication, conflict management and the secrets to a happy relationship
  • generate hope and determination in your heart that things can be different - with expert help accessible right here
  • get the best couple resource to improve your relationship even if your partner isn't interested at the moment - created by my colleague Lee Baucom, PhD.

What do I know?

I trained and qualified with the UK's best-known and most trusted couple counselling agencies RELATE.

I have 24 years experience with over 8500 counselling sessions under my belt.  I have helped literally thousands of individuals and couples overcome their relationship problems.  So, I know a good relationship resource when I see one.

I'm so glad I've found a relationship rescue plan with crucial information that will give you a fighting chance to save your marriage/relationship.  I know it can be done with the right help.

If your relationship or marriage is in danger, I know you'll be dead keen to get cracking straight away with saving it.  Therefore I'll introduce you to the most effective method I know of saving a marriage - developed by my trusted colleague Lee Baucom, PhD.

Read on to get my thoughts on it...

Why do you need Lee's help specifically?

  • He is an expert in couple counselling - not general counselling (that means that he understands too how to help when only one of the partners wants therapy).
  • He has refined his method based on his clients' feedback, so it is tested and fine-tuned in the 'real world' for maximum effect
  • He does not rely on needless 'psychobabble', therefore his no-jargon approach is easy to follow

I have also had this formula checked out independently by London-based Family Therapist, author and speaker Miriam Chachamu.  Miriam wrote to Baucom about his methods to confirm for herself that what he offers is the real deal.

By the way, just to warn you: Lee doesn't have much respect for the 'average' couple therapist/counsellor!  Thank goodness I don't fall under what he calls average.

How to save a marriage or long-term relationship

If you're feeling hurt, angry, sad, disappointed, let down, unappreciated, no longer admired, unloved or bored - maybe more like a brother or sister and you are in a long-term relationship or you are married, then this programme (US English: program) is absolutely for you.

Baucom reveals:

  • why so many of your rows don't even need to happen
  • what you can do if your partner is not interested in sorting things out
  • what to do immediately if your partner wants to break up right now 
  • how to change the way you communicate, so that immediately stop things getting worse 
  • how to really 'get through' to your partner, without pushing, pleading, manipulating, screaming or hinting
  • how to prevent yourself from over-reacting through anger, frustration or disappointment 
  • how to get the best results by taking effective action step-by-step

This puts all the tools you need to save your marriage or long-term relationship in your hands with various bonus products and two audios.

Remember... breaking up/divorcing is a great deal more expensive in terms of emotional and financial cost (setting up home, another car, childcare and if you are married: maintenance, legal fees, court cost, etc!).

As a relationship therapist I know too well the heartbreak and devastation, as well as financial difficulties you potentially face when ending a longterm relationship or marriage.

Do all you can to give the two of you the very chance. Have a look at the bundle and judge for yourself.

Summary review

You can save your marriage or relationship. Even if you feel totally overwhelmed and it seems your world is collapsing around you right now.

I know you can do take the necessary steps to save your marriage with Lee's methods.


He is a Licensed/Registered and experienced Couple Therapist who has done lots of research into what makes happy couples have such great marriages. You know you're not going to waste precious time with things that won't work.

His easy to follow method are effective with proven results. The two of you will benefit even if your partner doesn't want to know right now and it's all left to you.

You won't need to sit in a room with a relationship expert - you become the expert.

Lee offers a cast-iron money-back guarantee!

This blueprint to a happier relationship will not only help you get the two of you 'working' as a team again, but also give you the tools, attitude and skills to deal with problems in the future more effectively to help prevent another marital meltdown.

I have recommended this to friends and family in need. So, have a look at the what Baucomb promises and offers, and judge for yourself how his method can help you.

Take action now - save your relationship.