How to be romantic by sending beautiful, effective, romantic love messages

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Discover how craft the most romantic love/text messages quickly.

Think only women can be bothered with romance? Think again! Men too really appreciate that special kind of attention that makes them feel just as wanted and admired.

Exciting, surprising and romantic text messages are fun and create an even greater longing if you can't immediately be with each other.

8 Tips for writing romantic love messages

Here is what I know really moves people (though I recommend a resource further down with even better stuff).

For your messages to be truly treasured you should include:

  1. what characteristics you particularly love in your partner
  2. what you specifically admire in him/her
  3. what difference your partner exactly is making in your life
  4. what you feel when you think of him/her in the middle of your working day (if you tend to think of your troubles then better leave this one out!)
  5. what your thoughts are in anticipation of seeing him/her (same as the previous one)
  6. what special memories you have (choose ones she or he doesn't expect)
  7. what precisely was special about it
  8. what precisely your partner/spouse's role was in making it special for you personally

I promise you - you won't fail with these very personal romantic love messages. These will be the best compliment anyone could wish to receive.

Now I have found a great resource teaching you to write THE most romantic text message.

What do I know?

I have taught literally thousands of individuals and couples to be more intimate and romantic with each other to save their relationship.  So, I know a good relationship resource when I see one.

Below is the one for you when you want to discover how to be romantic.

Do you need to know the secrets of how to surprise your partner with how romantic you can be?

“Text The Romance Back” is an excellent relationship resource - fun, entertaining and also a serious contender for when you need to make amends.

Yes, I suspect you may be thinking that a product like this isn't befitting a serious site like mine, but believe me, I've checked it out.

Love - heart drawn in the sandA romantic love message

Become the romantic you always wanted to be

Review of Text the Romance back

Michael Fiori, who developed this method, understands what works and what doesn't when you talk about loving and poetic expression!

He knows what men and women want and why.  Top-job when you have to make the most of so few words! Text The Romance Back is more than a list of ready-to-use text with romantic sayings.

You'll learn to write series of romantic love messages - each gradually building on the elements of surprise and excitement. Ideas for sensual messages are also included.

You'll also find out what kind of messages are an absolute turn-off!

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