How to stop that nervous breakdown, anxiety, and panic and prevent ever getting it again

This article is part of my series on natural ways of dealing with anxiety, depression, stress and trauma.  Here I am reviewing the method my colleague Chris Bayliss developed for dealing with general anxiety and stress.

This review therefore is for you if you...

  • suffer a great deal from stress
  • are an excessive worrier and you always think the worst
  • constantly feel as if something bad is going to happen, even if there is really nothing to worry about
  • are feeling anxious about things that 'normal' people don't seem to have any problems with
  • are feeling sick at the thought of having to do something outside of your normal routine
  • are suffering from or have had a nervous breakdown
  • are at risk of having a nervous breakdown
  • suffer from panic / anxiety attacks
  • have become depressed by it all

You have suffered long enough and maybe it has just become clear that whatever you have tried so far isn't working (anymore).

Why make a change?

  • if you are suffering from severe anxiety it can all too easily lead to panic attacks
  • the stress of life in general may have already led to you suffering a nervous breakdown
  • a nervous breakdown can sadly lead to further panic attacks
  • anxiety can rule your life - 'it' decides what you can enjoy and what not, when you should go out and when you shouldn’t etc.
  • your anxiety may unfortunately become increasingly debilitating
  • your state of mind will increasingly impact on your work, family and social life

Together let's stop that stress or anxiety ruling and ruining your life.

Why would you want to follow this method?

Chris Bayliss is a medical researcher, a seasoned health consultant and author.  He developed this method after years of suffering from stress, anxiety and panic himself.  He has researched these conditions in detail.

He has helped countless people overcome their anxiety permanently with his step-by-step plan. They now lead fulfilling lives without that mind-numbing all-encompasssing feeling of anxiety. At the same time they are able to effectively manage life's inevitable stresses.

This is why his method works

  • Bayliss is an expert in the recovery of anxiety - not just a 'general' counsellor, practitioner or psychologist.
  • He has refined his method based on his clients' feedback, so it is tested in the 'real world' and the case studies in his work help to clarify the steps and the expected results
  • He guarantees results ... or your money back
  • He doesn't promise an unrealistic overnight cure. He asks for 6 weeks - and I believe that is achievable.

As a qualified and fully accredited counsellor with over 24 years’ experience, I have seen many clients who suffered from stress, depression and / or general anxiety. This has allowed me to know what works and what doesn't. I even found information, tips and strategies that I had not come across before.

Summary review of "Panic Miracle"

Whatever the degree of your present worries / fears / anxieties and regardless of why you are feeling as you do or how it all started, this system can help.

  • Worrying about having to read through loads of material?  No need - everything is written in an easy-to-read and engaging style.
  • Can't 'fathom out' why you are the way you are or why you feel so out of control at the moment?  Bayliss makes it easy to get an in-depth understanding of your emotions and reactions and you'll learn specific strategies and techniques to manage them.
  • Can't stop feeling 'jittery' and worried about your health?  You will discover what is wrong and what to do about it.
  • Your emotions increasingly spiralling out of control?  You will know why and how to prevent that happening.
  • The proven step-by-step actions are very 'do-able'.
  • Worried about what your loved ones might say about your wish to follow this method?  Know that Bayliss has done the research, has the considerable experience and has based his method on sound psychological principles.
  • Worried about taking advice of someone who doesn't even know you? Remember that Bayliss has 'been there' himself, his tone is hugely reassuring throughout and he uses techniques and strategies based on tried and tested methods.
  • Think it is unrealistic to think you could ever get better?  He offers a realistic time-frame for you to feel better, based on his own experience and his experience of helping others - generally 6-8 weeks to recovery - depending on how motivated you are.
  • If you are into natural remedies and strategies there is a whole chapter for you too; if not – you can just skip it.

Bayliss’s personal insight into anxiety shines through with many of the strategies enhanced by additional helpful pointers that only a former sufferer, with a lasting track record of recovery, would be able to articulate. This ensures that you can have the confidence to gently move forward without getting stuck, or to go ‘full steam ahead’ if / when you are ready.

I would absolutely recommend this to family and friends if they happened to be in need. Have a look yourself now at what he promises.

CLICK HERE and judge for yourself.