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FAQ about the relationship test

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What name is shown on my statement?


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Will it work for me?

We're all individuals and there's no one like you. Your relationship is unique too. Your circumstances don't match anyone else's either.

Therefore everybody learns something different from doing the test. I can guarantee though that the test will increase your knowledge and awareness no only about your partner and your relationship, but also about yourself. In addition to the test I have included tons of valuable information on what else you need to be aware of when you are about to make such an important decision.

If after all you haven't found the test helpful - it's simple: I'll very happily give you a refund.

The return rate is extremely low at only 0.012%.

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Is it just a gimmick?

Glad you're asking. There are so many of those gimmicky tests around. Rest assured though...

This truly is a comprehensive test.

I genuinely want to share with you what I have learned from 24 years of experience working with individuals and couples. I have also drawn from my personal experience. I aim to be of service and I would not want to be paid for something that had no value to you.

You'll absolutely get your money back if you haven't found the test helpful.

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Great test! Very professional!
If you are wondering what to do with your relationship then you will find this to be really helpful!! And not only in the relationship you are in, but in general. It's a great test to discover your own self-limitations too. I totally recommend it!

V N Tsirakis

Does it offer value for money?

We Dutch are known to be bargain hunters, so I really get this question.

You're about to make a life-changing decision and you're probably on your own with the weight of it all. The test's real value is in that you'll know that you have done your very best to make the right decision for you in your particular circumstances.

A visit to a lawyer or couples therapist would set you back $80 - $300 a session. You'll find that this test therefore is invaluable.

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I hate having to answer questions about my relationship at the best of times

I can totally understand that! Yet you're here. Clearly something needs to happen to get you from A to B.

It would be great if you could answer all the questions. However, you could simply use the test in your own way in your own time - discovering new ways of being in and contributing to a relationship. Feel free to learn from it at your own pace. Nobody's going to look over your shoulder.

I promise you that you'll learn tons about what is needed to build a truly worthwhile relationship over time.

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I don't know anything about the psychology of relationships. I worry that this test will be wasted on me.

That is where so many of us start! You're certainly not alone with this.

It really doesn't matter where you start - it matters where you'll end up.

Taking the test will be a journey of discovery. No prior knowledge required - I'll walk you through, step-by-step.

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I'm worried I find things out I don't really want to know

That is such a common feeling! Great you're able to voice that - you're ahead of most people. That worry keeps people from seeing a counsellor/therapist when they could really benefit from it.

Taking this test could actually be life-changing for you. You'll discover what might be preventing you from really connecting with your partner (or what is preventing your partner from connecting with you!)

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Can I trust you to really give me a refund?

I can assure you that every person who requested a refund, received it as quickly as I could arrange it.

I have every respect for you for reaching out, spending time and effort in finding a solution. The least I can do is to honour my promise to you.

Depending on the time of day and where you live (it may be the middle of the night here, whilst you're sunning yourself), it may take no more than a couple of hours.

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