Download Instructions

Step 1

Ensure you have access to a good connection before you start!


If you have tried to download three times without success, stop trying! Wait until you have access to a different device and/or a better connection.

Please, wait until the download is complete before you open the folder.

Step 2

Ensure you have a PDF reader. PDFs can be read without any problems on all devices. Most devices will have a reader, but just in case...

You can download a free PDF reader here from or from
the Adobe website here.

Step 3

Open the file - double click or right-click and choose "Open" to find the PDF file. (If your device can't read the file, check you have opened the zip file first).

Step 4

Open the PDF files.

PDFs can be opened and read on all devices with the right software - see Step 2.

Step 5

First carefully check step 1 - 4.

Should you still experience a problem with your download, please CLICK HERE for help with downloads only.

Having trouble downloading or opening a file?

In the unlikely event that you're unable to download or open a file - here's what to do:

  • Save your sanity and stop trying after 3 unsuccessful download attempts
  • Try to download and open the file on a different device if possible
  • Wait until you have a better connection (most problems with downloads are caused by a slow connection or co-incidental automatic software updates on your device)
  • Open the PDF in your browser by right-clicking and choosing Open File, right-click again and choose Save (be sure to save it to your special folder)
  • If all else fails, contact me here for help with downloads only