Ways to get lucky, and what it really means to 'be lucky'

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What does 'being lucky' mean to you? Just before we look at ways to get lucky, I'd love you to think about some different interpretations of the concept of luck, and people who we perceive to be lucky...

Do you deserve a bit of luck?

Maybe you feel you 'deserve' a bit of luck.  I wonder then what rules and parameters you use to come to that conclusion.  When, where and how does anyone become 'entitled' to a bit of luck?

At the time of completing this article I was listening to the audio version of Viktor Frankle's book, 'Man's Search for Meaning', which had long been on my wish list...

Viktor Frankl

If anyone deserved a bit of luck it was Viktor Frankl, a psychiatrist, neurologist and brain surgeon in Austria, before the second world war. In this book he hauntingly describes how he and his fellow inmates in the concentration camp felt in luck when they had a foreman that day who was less brutal.  They even at times felt lucky to have survived another day.

Yet surviving meant 12 hours of hard physical labour in snow and ice, without shoes, gloves or coats, with feet and hands swollen and painful from frost bite and oedema.  They 'survived' on a tiny piece of bread and a little watery soup with - if they were lucky - a few peas.  They slept on their sides wedged between 8 other men in one 'bed' - wooden planks - no mattress, sharing two thin blankets in below zero temperatures.  Surviving another day, also meant having to face another day of beatings if they stumbled or slowed down because they were emaciated, ill, in pain and exhausted.

How 'lucky' would you feel with a few peas scraped from the bottom of the pan?  It illustrates just how relative luck really is.

'Luck' doesn't just happen

What about your start in life

What if your environment gives you little access to resources that could 'nudge' your chances of 'luck' in the right direction.  You might, for example, expect that a decent education would increase your chances.

What if you grew up in violent household?  That could have damaged your Innate Resources - the very developmental templates that were meant to help you become successful in life.  For so many people who grew up in an unsafe environment, it feels like they’re forever trying to catch up and never making it.  Yet amongst them too are those who shine like stars and transcend their early exposure to a less than desirable environment. Maybe they even shine because of it.

No arms, no legs

What about Nick Vujicic - born without arms and legs?  How 'lucky' is he?  You decide: 

Of course I interpret what I see through western eyes.  'Luck' may just mean different things in different cultures.

Lucky people?

'Lucky' people: those people who seem to sail through life - whatever it brings - and receive seemingly extraordinary offers. But they haven’t had a magic bullet nor a magic wand.  There doesn’t even necessarily appear to be anything particularly outstanding about them. They just seem happy and resourceful for most of the time - regardless of their circumstances.

It’s ultimately your perception that makes you lucky or not. The messages that you give yourself make the difference and you may have to change those messages.  

If you were to know a little bit more about those people you considered lucky, you may decide that perhaps they could be considered as very unlucky.  What seems to you the ultimate reward may for them have meant the loss of something else.  For example: someone running a successful business, with a fantastic income, may well have lost the love of his or her life in the process of building that business.

The difference is that people who consider themselves as lucky are running a different sort of 'spiel' in their mind.

If you’re having trouble 'getting' that spiel it may just be that you’re suffering from depression. In which case, I’d really like to help you do something about that. We can start on that using the links at the end of the page on depression.  

Alternatively, I highly recommend you have a look at what HypnosisDownloads can offer to help you Beat that Depression or speak to one of our Online Expert Counsellors right from my site.

How to leverage your chances of 'having luck’

There’s not a huge amount you can do that will immediately help you to become lucky.

However, my 20 tips on how to become lucky will nudge you in the right direction.  In fact, you might want to call it 'attracting good fortune', as 'luck' is perhaps a more random occurrence.

There are other benefits to becoming lucky.  The following tips are much more important from my perspective as a counsellor.  These tips on improving your chances of having some luck are most likely to boost your confidence, lift your self-esteem, improve your relationships and help you deal with depression.

In addition I recommend hypnosis to help you Build Your Self-Esteem to ensure that you make the most of your infinite unconscious processes.  Who couldn't do with something so effective and user-friendly as an hypnosis download to help you feel better right away!

Hop over to Part 3 for my 20 top tips to help you learn How to Increase Your Luck...

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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