The story of this website

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Do you have a vast knowledge about a subject, and do you want a website like this one?

At the start of my counselling career I wanted a website to advertise my business. Then I found that I could help people with it. Ultimately I discovered a way to build a solid online business - helping thousands of people a day and earning a living.

As a counsellor, over the years I've gathered a huge store of insights, knowledge and understanding about what happens when we go through a difficult time.

All that accumulated 'stuff' is in my head - no good to anyone, except for the one or two people sitting in front of me, there for relationship advice or help with depression, anxiety, anger, stress or trauma.

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I needed a website

When I started my private counselling business in the early 90's, I managed to 'cobble together' a brochure. Many years down the line, when I had established my counselling practice, I realised that I needed a website (these days you need one even before you start!).

I found some software with which I managed to publish a very simple brochure website.

Some time later I was delighted to discover that an ever-increasing number of people were finding my site (there's a very simple copy and paste code for that). That's when I started to make a deliberate effort to develop this website.

It was a tortured journey (more on that on the next page) until I found a fabulous system that made it manageable and fun.

If you - like me:

  • are knowledgeable about a subject
  • are passionate about it!
  • enjoy gaining new skills and abilities
  • don't mind a bit of hard work, then...

CLICK HERE to find out how I built this website/online business, whether you're a novice or not. Or start with this video...

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