Symptoms of alcoholism and depression

Part 1, Part 2

This is the second part of this series of articles looking at the signs and symptoms of alcoholism and depression.

If you've landed here first, I'd really like you to start off with Part 1 so that you can gain an understanding of the links between Alcoholism and Depression to begin with. I'll still be here when you come back.

Sign on wall: Dead End Ahead

Have you stopped doing the things you used to enjoy?

Loss of interest in all kinds of activities is common in alcoholism and depression, including (but by no means limited to):

  • sex
  • personal hygiene/grooming
  • social interactions and hobbies

In the meantime too - your partner or spouse is very likely withdrawing from you too! A further reason for you to feel depressed.

Have you started to favour drinking alcohol above any other activity?

Do you easily feel irritable and angry?

Irritability, anger, restlessness and anxiety are all symptoms of depression. However, they're also symptoms of someone who's being prevented from having his/her next drink.

Again you can see how both alcoholism and depression are linked. From the Human Givens point of view (see links further down) there's no point in separating the two when someone goes for treatment. And indeed in Human Givens Therapy the focus will not be so much on your drinking. It will be on helping you to look outward again and meeting your essential emotional needs. 

Do you feel guilty about all sorts of things?

That sense of guilt is just so painful - particularly when you know that you're letting people down. That is - when you're past the denial.  

The guilt often feels unbearable... it's much easier to have another drink than suffer.

Rather than pointlessly regurgitating the negative stuff, I'd like you to work on changing your thought patterns. I know... you've probably already tried yourself without much success. But stick with me for a moment...

You need to start somewhere, trust me, do one thing and do it to the best of your ability. There's no failure - there's only feedback.

Self-hypnosis can really help build a more positive outlook with a focus away from your troubles. Have a look at my self-hypnosis FAQ and downloads page.

At least by taking action you can regain a sense of control and volition. It'll be start at breaking the link between alcoholism and depression and stop that vicious circle.

Have you found yourself thinking about death lately?

Chris describes how, as an alcoholic, he became suicidally depressed: "life was a curse".

People who don't drink to excess, but do suffer from depression, will often say that they've thought about killing themselves. 'Suicidal ideation', as it's called, is not uncommon and it's a myth that those who talk about it won't actually do it!  

Someone who's made a suicide attempt is at risk of doing it again.

So, how is it for you? 

... Have you contemplated taking your own life?  

... Have you considered how you would kill yourself?  

... Have you made plans?

If you could answer just a couple of those questions with a yes, than please do seek help.

Feeling suicidal?

If you feel suicidal then you need urgent help.

Speak with someone you trust as soon as possible.
CLICK HERE for further information.

Mental signs and symptoms of alcoholism and depression

This is the list of symptoms of alcoholism Chris wrote about:

  • low self-esteem/self confidence
  • loneliness
  • obsession with drinking
  • paranoia

Each one is enough to become depressed about. In addition you may experience:

  • memory problems
  • difficulty concentrating
  • making decisions

Both depression and alcoholism cause these symptoms... another double hit.

Lifestyle choices in alcoholism that lead to depression

Alcoholics often have a tendency towards...

  • excessive absenteeism - you're just not on the job when you should be
  • lying and not lying about drinking
  • giving up on hobbies - the stuff you loved (and still do) is tucked away in cupboards and memberships are paid for but unused
  • failed relationships - too many or the very one that would have changed your life. The alcoholic just doesn't have enough energy, goodwill, motivation and interest for him/herself - let alone to share with a partner
  • messy surroundings - are you too embarrassed to invite someone in (unless you're drunk at the time and therefore not bothered)?
  • having no money and probably stealing or just relying on someone else to bail you out
  • irresponsibility - no wonder you think of yourself as a 'failure'

Just from looking at this list, it'll probably come as no surprise that someone with an alcohol problem is almost by definition depressed.

Alcoholism and depression go hand-in-hand.

So, if you recognise yourself in all this, make a start today to turn your life around.

One of the easiest starts is to download the right hypnosis mp3 for you, because you can deal with your alcoholism and depression... I believe in you!

Part 1, Part 2

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