Survive your divorce without a nervous breakdown

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Divorce or separation can be really, really tough - I so understand this. And the prospect of actually surviving divorce and moving on with your life might seem impossible to you right now. If that's how you're feeling at the moment, then I really hope the advice on my pages here on this site will help you.

If the search engine has landed you here first, do make sure you start off with Part 1 where you can find my top tips on Divorce Advice and Counselling to help you cope with divorce.

Surviving divorce
How long it takes before you begin to feel better

Ideally you need to allow sufficient time, care and consideration to end your marriage well.

A 'good' ending will help you to begin a new relationship more successfully - when you're ready of course. That new relationship stands a better chance of flourishing when bitterness, hurt, anger and pain have subsided and children have settled.

Why rush? With the right divorce advice there is every chance that you both (and your children) will recover sooner and better.

What about your finances?

Sadly, you're likely to be worse off after you've divorced. Your finances will have had a severe blow and surviving divorce comes with many challenges.

The divorce process itself is expensive, and living separately carries a high financial price. You may or may not have a decent income, and that's without us having discussed maintenance.

So I'm afraid it will probably be pretty tough - but again, good advice can help you manage your resources to minimise the impact of the divorce.

How to get divorced
Getting good legal divorce advice

You'll want to make sure that your solicitor or lawyer is specialised and experienced with divorce advice so that you get the very best information on how to get divorced.

I know that my clients survive their divorce much better if their lawyer doesn't increase acrimony between them.

Getting the best divorce advice - from a trained couple counsellor and the right lawyer - will make coping with divorce that much easier.

I've got some tips for you on finding the best divorce lawyer too, so do hop over to my page on How to Find the Best Divorce Lawyer.

Balancing home-life and work demands

There's no doubt that the whole process of separation and divorce is hugely challenging. There'll be decisions to be made, tears, stress, chores and children. You can't afford to become a nervous wreck. The stronger you are, the more ably you're going to cope and the calmer the waters.

My last bit of advice is then that you take time to invest in yourself. Do your own thing at least for some of the time. Steal that time if you have to.

Learn to relax and meditate - the benefits are immeasurable.

For sadness and stress, stay away from your doctor - antidepressants aren't going to help. Natural remedies can relief sadness and weepiness.

Part 1, Part 2

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