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This is Part 3 of a series of articles covering relationship counselling advice. If you've landed here first, do make sure you read Part 1 and Part 2 for a look at the ways marriage guidance or relationship counselling can help you.

Taking responsibility for 'personal stuff'

Sorting out your 'personal stuff' is very likely to have a positive impact on your relationship or marriage. You may have been trying to pretend for years that you're over those emotional problems! However, deep down you know that they are still there.

Just think how much better you could be feeling if you finally dealt with all that 'stuff' - traumas and difficulties in the past. It could release emotional and physical energy that you could re-invest in other areas of your life. It's also very likely to contribute towards you having the relationship you want.

Take that first step now and ask the advice of a qualified online counsellor for immediate and confidential support and advice.

No other way but to end the relationship or marriage?

Perhaps you've tried all you can do to try and save your relationship or marriage, including marriage guidance or relationship counselling. Maybe you can see no other way forward but to end your relationship.

If you're ending your relationship, I anticipate that you might be struggling for a while - emotionally for sure, but also socially and financially. It's completely normal at this time to suffer grief, feel low/depressed, out of control, angry, upset and so on.

Don’'t let anybody tell you when you should be over that!

Happy couple on holiday

All your marriage counselling questions answered?

A couple counsellor should be happy to talk with you on the phone about what you can expect from marriage guidance or couple counselling.

However, he or she is unlikely to have a lengthy conversation with you about your difficulties. This is to prevent starting the journey with a knowledge of the problem from one partner's perspective. But you'd be very welcome to chat about what it's like to go for couple counselling or even pre-marriage counselling.

Really not keen on going for couples counselling?  

Want to have another go at trying to sort it yourself?  

Remember my advice earlier on this page - you can make a real difference all by yourself with Save my Marriage/Relationship.

Good luck - I know you can do it!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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