Relationship advice for Valentine's Day

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Are you preparing for Valentine's Day with fun and determination to make it a really special day for your partner? What about your own excited or anxious anticipation of what your partner may come up with for you? Do you worry about whether or not he or she has even 'bothered'?

I am hoping here to add a little depth to the proceedings.

I hope you may still find this page helpful even if you consider yourselves 'too old' for all of this, and if the two of you have long given up on the idea of celebrating Valentine's Day.

If your relationship is in trouble though, then do hop over to my starter page on Relationship Problems. You'll find loads of help and advice on how to get that spark back, and set your relationship back on the road to happiness again.

What would make it a happy Valentine's Day?

Valentine's day heart

Having a great Valentine's Day may mean to you...

  • that your partner will be heaping attention upon you (and you'll be doing the same in return)
  • a super Valentine's card - with just the right words of-course
  • a wonderful Valentine's flower arrangement
  • chocolates or aftershave or best of all...
  • a surprise

However, if you're bestowed with all that you'd wished for, you'll want to know that your partner:

  • isn't covering up any misdemeanors
  • isn't doing it out of guilt
  • isn't doing it because he/she is 'supposed' to and is grabbing something from a display whilst waiting to pay for petrol
  • just got you something because you've dropped more than the odd hint that you're expecting something great

Whatever your partner does or doesn't do on Valentine's Day, you mustn't consider it the making or breaking of your relationship or marriage. Chances are, you probably already knew what would happen anyway.

What really matters - Valentine's Day quotes

Love does not consist of gazing at each other, but in looking together in the same direction"

Antoine de Saint-Expupery

Truly being able to spend quality time together with both of you acknowledging just how fortunate you are is much closer to an authentic experience.

It's far more valuable than any Valentine's idea you could come up with. No Valentine's Day quotes will be as great as the ones that come from your heart.

Those sayings come from your experience of being with your partner and from how you truly feel about him or her. Those quotes don't need to sound Shakespearean at all to have an impact.

A very personal Valentine's Day idea

Hop over to Part 2 to discover a great idea for a very personal Valentine's present that can last far beyond the day itself...

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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