Relationship advice for Christmas

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Expectations at Christmas

Christmas can put an extra and unnecessary strain on your relationship - so I really hope I can help you out with some extra relationship advice. I really don't want you to be one of the thousands of people knocking on the door of a relationship expert once the holiday season is over!

First of all, you may as well acknowledge that you could be at risk of setting yourselves up for 'failure' - if you want to call it that. Why? Well... the holiday season is often so stressful because of the huge expectations:

  • the 'right' presents
  • the 'right' food
  • the 'right' atmosphere
  • the 'right' mood
  • the 'right' festive events
  • the 'right' cards/greetings
  • the 'right' contribution to the school
  • being the 'right' daughter/husband/child/parent
  • being a 'good' guest
  • ensuring that your children are on their 'best' behaviour

Whatever that all of that means! How stressful is that?!

Before you even start - have you ever thought about trying hypnosis to help you relax? There's a fab solution for coping with the stress around Christmas time, so why not check out my page of Hypnosis Online FAQs

Peace and joy... or trouble ahead?

- 11 of the most common Christmas time relationship stresses

A Merry Christmas without relationship stress

All the expectations around Christmas can lead to disappointments - for you, and for others.

Below I've listed the potential trouble spots, some of which you're no doubt well aware of, but others perhaps not so much.

I hope that if I can prepare you in advance, you may be able to manage at least your own, your partner's and your children's expectations way in advance of Christmas.  

Hopefully this will also help you to become more aware of the pressures others around you feel too. It all creates the potential for a meltdown!

Here are some of the 'pressure points' on relationships at Christmas:

  1. The pressure of time in terms of all the above expectations
  2. Managing your finances may be even more difficult in December, and differences in attitudes towards spending will be even more apparent
  3. The cost of Christmas parties - in terms of money, time and maybe even your relationship if your trust in each other has been damaged
  4. Staying with extended family and/or...
  5. ... Having extended family stay with you
  6. Spending time with children who may not be your own
  7. Spending time with children who may not behave in the way you'd want them to
  8. Deciding with which parent the children should spend their days (if you and your partner are separated or divorced)
  9. Your children not being with you on the days you'd have wanted
  10. The influence of alcohol - on your partner, on you, on your guests
  11. The physical and mental effects of the kind of foods you eat during this time (yes... your mental well-being too!)

Given that there are so many potential causes of relationship problems at Christmas, how about insulating your relationship as well as your home? Read on to Part 2 to learn How to Avoid Relationship Problems at Christmas...

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Image courtesy of: Leo Reynolds