Recovering from PTSD

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This is Part 3 of this series of articles looking at treatments to help you when you're recovering from PTSD. If the search engine has landed you here first, do be sure to hop over to Part 1 to begin with. The information on that page will give you some important background about the PTSD Treatments that are available for you right now.

'Imaginal exposure' and guided imagery

A single event trauma can, in principle, be treated in a single session. However, I tailor the number of sessions to what's right for a particular client.

It's far more important to get it absolutely right, rather than just to do it quickly. During the first session I'd help you feel at ease and settle into the treatment. Then we'd find out what exactly the best approach is for you to be able to feel at ease as much as possible.

You wouldn't necessarily need to talk about what happened, unless you'd like to verbalise the details. I could help you just the same.

After the initial sessions to treat the trauma, it may be necessary to have some further sessions. This depends very much on how long you've suffered and how you've adapted to allow yourself to carry on 'managing' those upsetting memories. Often too, there are other traumatic events underlying the apparently single event.

During imaginary exposure in CBT you'll be asked to re-experience the trauma and be exposed to the event during a greater number of sessions. Depending on the type of therapy you receive, you may be asked to talk at length during the weekly sessions about what happened.

The following video comments on what exactly NICE might mean about trauma focused treatment...

Curing Post Traumatic Stress?

When you suffer from PTSD or post trauma symptoms of any kind, recovery can seem a long way off and you may feel scared that you're never going to be well again.  

Please be reassured that recovery is possible and very likely! What happened, though, will always remain part of your life story and to some extent it'll be painful like any 'ordinary' memory of a difficult situation.

However, the degree to which you're distressed and disturbed by those horrible post-traumatic symptoms can be much reduced. And people are even cured of all of the symptoms - over time and with or without professional treatment.

The right psychotherapists/counsellors can offer really good treatments for PTSD. Counselling for PTSD will help you to overcome your symptoms. It'll also ensure that you adapt in a positive and healthy way to changes that have happened as a result of the psychological trauma. I really encourage you to do all you can to find someone who can help you as soon as possible.

Regardless of what treatment you choose or are offered, it's vital that you have built a good rapport with your therapist. You need to feel safe and completely trust your therapist. In fact - these are probably the most important aspect of any therapy. 

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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