Should you try spiritual psychic readings?

You want comfort or you want answers. You want to know that you're doing the right thing or that you're with the right person. You are looking for a psychic and an online reading and you hope that a spiritually gifted person, a medium, can reassure and guide you.

I realise that much of what I have covered on my site relates to feelings, thoughts and taking actions based on (a new) understanding. I encourage you to explore, analyse and challenge yourself. It is all coming from my perspective as a counsellor, and how I work.

I am aware though that many of you are coming from a different perspective. And so, you may be looking for different type of help, such as spiritual guidance from a clairvoyant or other gifted individual in the form of a psychic or medium reading. You may even live in a country where occult practice is mainstream.

The question is - should I even be covering the subject on my site? Is there such a thing as an authentic psychic reading? One you could really trust?

I suspect many of my colleagues will be mystified, if not horrified to find this page on my site!

No worries - I am here for you

I have to admit...

I have had some psychic or medium readings done in the past. I had a psychic reading for fun at a seaside fair, and a few when I was down at heels (when I could least afford it and should have known better!). I did it partly out of curiosity, partly because of availability and because I was on holiday I had the time (well... that's  my story!). The readings were of varying quality. 

One stands out though - this clairvoyant described accurately where I would be renting a house, what it and the street looked like. "Rubbish!", I thought: "I'm buying". Not so, I discovered later. But how useful was that to know? Meh.

I did get great comfort though her connecting with my father. OR... did she just know how to reassure and comfort me? She definitely mentioned stuff very pertinent to my father. 90% of the time the information shared was - on hindsight - fairly general though. Later I saw her on YouTube making many similar comments to other people - all of whom seemed also hugely comforted.

Anyway, I appreciate that you may be in need right now. And if it fits in with your beliefs and values, why not get a reading. Absolutely no judging here.

The best I can do for you is to at least give you a warning and some advice.

Why wouldn't you look for a psychic online? A reading can't do any harm, can it?

I have absolutely no doubt that there are very gifted, spiritual individuals who see, feel and hear differently/more than we ordinary mortals do.

However, can they really access what they need to on demand? Can they interpret the information they receive accurately? Are they genuine?

They may well be really good listeners, counsellors or mentors, but that is not what you are paying for.

Also remember that you too have to interpret what you are being told. You'll be working to find a 'fit' in your life.

With regards to where you would speak to one - it should make no difference consulting one online or in person.

Either way, let me first tell you the story of a 'psychic' at a fundraising event...

A dear friend, an intelligent and educated woman, had volunteered her services as a make-believe psychic at a local charity fair. She dressed up for the occasion - wore plastic nails out of a children's party bag, wrapped an old table cloth round her shoulders, blackened her eyelids and plastered on the lipstick.

She sat herself in an old camping toilet tent. It had a dodgy home-made sign dangling precariously from a piece of wire with the words: World-famous Psychic. Readings for £5.

The public didn't think so! Or at least a proportion of it didn't. There was a queue at the 'door' and many came back for more. Most appeared grateful for the guidance.

She was the star of the fundraising event. The charity was most grateful for her pot of money at the end of the day. She had mixed feelings!

Could you be at risk of consulting a fake psychic? How much do you want to believe or even need to believe?

Oriental temple and quote: The divine is not something high above us. It is in heaven. It is in earth. It is inside us. Morihei Ueshiba

Instead of chatting to a psychic - get some real relationship advice

Whether you're looking for advice on dating, on your relationship or marriage, work or health, I really need you to consider the following:

  • Make sure you don't need psychic advice - wanting it is fine. Maybe you're looking for advice and guidance because you're really unsure about something or someone, or you are in trouble. If so, do explore my site for self-help resources.
  • It's okay to want reassurance, but the comfort from speaking to a psychic cannot replace good quality counselling, or the arm of a friend around your shoulders.
  • What you'll be told won't have an effect on your actual circumstances. You still have to deal with whatever is troubling you. You'll need to use and develop your inborn resources. Yes, you have plenty - you're as amazing and unique as any star in the skye!
  • Seek out a kind, wise, knowledgeable and non-judgmental person in your own environment to talk to, if at all possible. Leave behind your prejudices - you may be overlooking someone really special quite near to you.
  • If you are suffering from depression, stress, anxiety or trauma, you really need to speak to a qualified counsellor or therapist. There is someone available for you right now.
  • If you are experiencing relationship problems, I really want you to consider getting some proper relationship advice from a qualified relationship counsellor or therapist. You are free to do so right now.

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