New Year's Eve relationship advice

Part 1, Part 2

Is the new year making you feel anxious about your relationship and the state it's in? If so, I'm glad you've landed here, and I hope my advice can help you.

In case you've landed here first, do be sure to check out Part 1 for a list of the most common causes of stress around New Year's Eve.

How to save your marriage or relationship

If you feel like your relationship is failing, ask yourself this: Have you spent any time thinking about what's been going well lately? Or have you only been ruminating about all the wrongs? What you focus on is what you get!

If you're focusing on the negatives, why not...

  • take some time out to go through old photos, to remind yourself of happy times
  • play the music you listened to when you first met
  • really get in touch with how you felt before all the problems

Has your partner really changed that much or have you had a big hand in how your partner's responding to you? If you can, have a long honest look at yourself and decide if you could have done better.

If you're really worried about the state of your marriage or relationship and you want to put things right, I've got more advice specifically for you. Take a look at How to Save your Marriage/Relationship to find out how you can make changes now.

You have a great relationship?

Celebrate it! Remember to be grateful for what you have. Frequently remind yourself of all the wonderful qualities your partner has.

All relationships go through difficult times and no doubt yours will too. But you can build a buffer by writing your partner (and others in yours life) a 'thank you' letter.

Another great way to sustain your well-being and the health of your relationship is to think of three good things that happened each day, every night before you go to sleep. Feeling happy and grateful will certainly help you to go to sleep with a smile on your face!

For more ideas on maintaining a healthy relationship click here.

Hell-bent on a New Year's resolution?

Just in case you must make a resolution or two, why not consider hypnosis to help you 'tweak' your unconscious mind, so as to set yourself up for success. Hypnosis is a great way to build up your natural resources, and help you to deal with so many things in life.

Let's face it - we could all do with a 'helping hand' at times, so why not have a look at my page: Hypnosis FAQ and Downloads.

The most inspiring video for a new day - a new year

I wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year, surrounded and loved by the people you love.


Part 1, Part 2

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