Why are you having a nervous breakdown?
And when should you call the doctor?

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this article we looked at the symptoms, signs, fears and causes of a nervous breakdown.

Read on now, because I know you can get through this and I am going to show you how. Oh, and do watch the video about brain stuff further down too.

But first some warnings...

Should you not be seeing a doctor as soon as possible?

Always been anxious?

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It makes sense to have a check-up by your doctor if only to exclude a medical/physical condition.

The symptoms of a nervous breakdown can be very frightening indeed. However, it is unlikely that there is anything more serious going on than your just 'having had enough' - you are 'burned out' - you are experiencing 'stress symptoms'.

You know now that we, as professionals, know about the symptoms of a breakdown and that you are not alone, you are not 'off your rocker', you are not 'crazy'!

Panic attacks too are very common, particularly as part of a nervous or mental breakdown. You can be treated for those, often with very quick results.

I promise you - you can recover.  However,  if your breakdown has come as a result of substance abuse, you need to be aware that your road to recovery is going to involve dealing with your addiction(s).

You can find ways to speed up your recovery on my page: How to Get Over a Nervous Breakdown.

A note of warning

The US Food and Drug Administration has warned that certain behaviours are known to be associated with SSRI’s (certain antidepressants) including the following symptoms: anxiety, agitation, panic attacks, insomnia, irritability, hostility, impulsivity, severe restlessness.  Any one of these symptoms is likely to make your emotional breakdown feel even worse.  So, be sure that you are well-informed before taking this kind of medication.

Instead of taking antidepressant (SSRIs) explore my pages on depression. All that advice on how to overcome depression also applies to getting over a nervous breakdown.

You will definitely need immediate medical care if...

  • ... you have (suddenly) become completely 'hyper' - manic - you need immediate help.  You sleep very little, you're over-happy, speak fast, maybe shop more, maybe spend more, lack any judgement, your thoughts are racing - you generally feel on a complete 'high'.  You may also feel extremely anxious.  This may all happen after you have felt depressed for a while.
  • ... you have a history of severe mental health problems and you feel yourself slipping towards a mental breakdown - do reach out to a professional you feel you can trust.
  • ... you've taken any dodgy stuff (substance abuse) - and you better own up!
  • ... you are feeling suicidal.

If you are concerned for someone else, then you really need to make sure they get  professional help as soon as possible.  Take immediate action if you know that person has already planned how and/or when he/she going to commit suicide.

Just by focussing on this image for a while, you'll begin to feel a sense of peace and calm!

Why you're not going 'crazy'

As a counsellor I often see people who are particularly worried about their brain or mind letting them down. In case you are too, here is a very short video clip that explains how we know that you are not alone in being terribly forgetful, ineffective, disorganised and unable to focus.

Your nervous breakdown symptoms in fact are temporary.  Your body/mind’s reaction is entirely normal under for you abnormal circumstances. I know that you will recover!

How to overcome a mental breakdown

Just accept now that those signs and symptoms of a nervous breakdown won’t disappear overnight. Stop fighting them. It's time to look for ways to speed up your recovery.

I hope that you now know exactly what a mental breakdown is and most importantly feel motivated to Take Control of Your Recovery.

take control of your recovery.

My very best wishes for a speedy recovery from that breakdown.


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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