Why are you having a nervous breakdown?
And when should you call the doctor?

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this article we looked at the symptoms, signs, fears and causes of a nervous breakdown.

Read on now, because I know you can get through this and I'll show you how. Oh, and do watch the video about brain stuff further down too.

But first, some things to be mindful of...

Shouldn't you see a doctor as soon as possible?

Feeling paranoid, overwhelmed and suffocated.

It makes sense to have a check-up from your doctor, mainly to exclude the possibility that you have an underlying medical/physical condition.

The symptoms of a nervous breakdown can be very frightening indeed, but it's very likely you'll recover without needing medical intervention (though psychological help may be needed).

You know now that we, as professionals, understand the symptoms of a breakdown, including panic attacks. You now also know that you are not 'off your rocker' or 'crazy', and that you're not alone!

I promise you - you can recover.

Please note, if you're also suffering from substance abuse, your treatment plan and road to recovery will need to include overcoming that addiction.

You can find ways to speed up your recovery on my page: How to Get Over a Nervous Breakdown.

A note of warning

The US Food and Drug Administration has warned that certain behaviours are known to be associated with SSRI’s (a class of antidepressants) including the following symptoms: anxiety, agitation, panic attacks, insomnia, irritability, hostility, impulsivity, severe restlessness.  Any one of these symptoms is likely to make your emotional breakdown feel even worse.  So, be sure that you are well-informed before taking this kind of medication.

Instead of taking antidepressant (SSRIs), explore my pages on depression. All that advice on how to overcome depression also applies to getting over a nervous breakdown.

You will definitely need immediate medical care if...

  • you have (suddenly) become completely hyper - manic - you need immediate help.  You sleep very little, you're over-happy, speak fast, maybe shop more, maybe spend more, lack any judgement, your thoughts are racing - you generally feel on a complete 'high'.  You may also feel extremely anxious.  This may all happen after you have felt depressed for a while.
  • you have a history of severe mental health problems and you feel yourself slipping towards a mental breakdown - do reach out to a professional you feel you can trust.
  • you're addicted to drugs - it's best to mention this straight away. I understand if you feel embarrassed about that, but your health and your future happiness are at stake. You're too precious, your particular skills are too valuable to lose - we need you to be involved in this world in a meaningful way
  • you are feeling suicidal.

If you're concerned for someone else, then you really need to make sure they get professional help as soon as possible.  Take immediate action if you know that person has already planned how and/or when he/she is going to commit suicide.

Always been anxious?

Chris Bayliss is a health researcher and nutrition expert specialising in the treatment of anxiety. He cured himself from anxiety!

Discover how his method can help you too...

Focus on this image for a while, breathe in slowly and double your outbreath. It will help you to begin to feel calmer

Why you're not going 'crazy'

As a counsellor, I often see people who are particularly worried about their brain or mind letting them down. In case you are too, here's a very short video clip that explains how we know that you're not alone in being terribly forgetful, ineffective, disorganised and unable to focus.

Your nervous breakdown symptoms are in fact temporary. Your body/mind’s reaction is entirely normal under these - for you - abnormal circumstances.

How to overcome a mental breakdown

The best thing you can do now is just accept that those signs and symptoms of a nervous breakdown won’t disappear overnight. Stop fighting them. Instead, it's time to look for ways to speed up your recovery.

The next step? Now that you have all the info about what exactly a mental breakdown is, it's time to get motivated and take control of your recovery. You can do it!

My very best wishes for a speedy recovery from that breakdown.


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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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