Natural sleep aids

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If you're looking for natural sleep aids, then I'm so glad you've found my pages. In this series of articles, I've listed some great natural sleep remedies, plus tips and strategies to help you get a better night's sleep.

In case you've landed here first, do hop over to Part 1 to begin with, as the list of Natural Sleep Remedies starts there!


Meditation can have a profound effect on your health and well-being. Research has shown that it actually changes your brain. You'll have no trouble imagining how much it would benefit your relationship if you feel better.

Stress melts away, worries become manageable, sleep returns and your energy levels noticeably increase.

Self-hypnosis as a natural sleep aid

Your unconscious mind is far more powerful than your conscious mind!  Your unconscious mind carries the 'blueprint' for a good night's sleep.  It mostly 'knows' how to do it, without the need for sleeping tablets.  I can think of no better natural sleep aid than that.

There are many different types of sleeping problems, including:

  • difficulty falling asleep
  • trouble staying asleep
  • waking up frequently
  • general restlessness
  • nightmares
  • whirring thoughts

All of these can be easily and effectively sorted by hypnosis – in my view, one of the best sleeping remedies. Hypnosis bypasses all that clutter - those nagging voices, those same thoughts going round and round in your head – and helps to calm you down.

Hypnosis tracks help you relax deeply, whilst a soothing voice speaks straight to that part of your mind that is still in touch with your 'normal' healthy sleep-wake cycle.  Hop over there now and have a look at my Hypnosis Online FAQs.

Curing anxiety and panic attacks for better sleep

calm waters, soothing, restfull

If you’re suffering from anxiety and feel constantly 'wound up' and stressed with endless worries, then I’d really love you to tackle that first. I promise you - if you cure your anxiety, you won't have to look for natural sleeping remedies anymore!

I recommend Panic Miracle which was developed by Chris Bayliss. He cured himself after he was failed by endless doctors, psychiatrists, hypnotherapists and a whole host of other practitioners.

He’s helped countless other sufferers since becoming a clinical researcher and health practitioner himself.  His 3-step programme is well-researched and gets excellent feedback. Chris impressively promises that your anxiety will have gone in 8 weeks.  I think that's realistic and he actually guarantees it. Have a look at his method to overcome your anxiety for ever.

A decent mattress

Reading some unbiased mattress reviews at can help you find the right mattress for a great night's sleep.

7 Tips to stop night-time worries

  1. Consider how much you could have achieved with all the energy you've invested (wasted!) in worrying about things you have no control over
  2. Start investing that energy in problem solving strategies (check out the link further down)
  3. Deal with the problems you do have control over
  4. Deal with your relationship or marital problems - see How to Save Your Marriage or Relationship by Lee Baucom PhD, a qualified and experienced couple therapist
  5. If you can't sleep because your partner has just left you or is about to leave you, make sure you adopt the right strategies to Encourage a Reconciliation.
  6. Don't know what to do about something, or finding it hard to make a decision?  That’ll keep you awake for sure. Stop putting it off - make that decision
  7. Beat your depression! You might not know it, but antidepressant medication may well lead to you suffering further episodes of depression. I’d really like you to start taking care of yourself, and I highly recommend the specialist depression treatment downloads from a team of hypnotherapists I trust. Have a look at my page: Hypnosis Online FAQ and downloads

Prescribed sleeping tablets create short-term relief, but long-term trouble! Take the time and trouble to look after yourself for long-term gain.

10 Strategies to induce sleep

  1. Ensure your room is pitch dark to support natural hormone production
  2. Take the television out of your bedroom… even watching something innocuous could be too arousing
  3. Get work out of your head by siting your office elsewhere, or maybe buy a room screen or cover your desk with a cloth
  4. Clear up all the clutter and sort out your wardrobes
  5. Have separate bed covers if you or your partner feels the cold more than the other. Wool is often best
  6. You and your partner may just be better off sleeping in separate beds, or even rooms. Restlessness and snoring disturb both the sufferer and their partner. (By the way if you or your partner are shouting, jumping about, flinging arms and legs around or having spasms, then do have a look at the study in the links below that associates this with early indications of possible Parkinson's disease)
  7. Ensure that the room temperature is low (a drop in body temperature, regulated by hormones, triggers sleep)
  8. Turn the clock face away from you so you don’t obsess about the time
  9. Buy a small travel spray, fill it with mineral water then add five drops each of Lavender and Clary Sage essential oils. Spray this onto your bedclothes or linen. These natural sleep aids aren’t going to knock you out, but they’ll certainly help you to relax more
  10. Restrict the amount of time you can sleep and slowly build it up again

You are what you eat...

Read on to Part 3 to find out how food and drink can play a role in stopping you from sleeping soundly, and for some important advice on why you should avoid medication when you're looking for Insomnia Remedies.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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