Pro-List of Emotions and Feelings Package

10-page checklists listing emotions and feelings with more than double the entries you saw on this page AND...

  • A printable or fillable and clickable PDF with the complete list (space for notes - fillable online)
  • A PowerPoint and a Keynote (MAC) presentation
  • An online presentation
  • A PDF of the list for easy upload and presentation
  • Accompanying hand-outs (landscape and portrait) and...
  • An e-Reader (ePub) format for easy reference on all your devices

What can you use it for?

Use this list...

  • for your studies (future therapists, nurses, doctors, counsellors, social workers etc.)
  • to help increase your clients' emotional intelligence
  • as a hand-out for your students
  • for use in therapy (for increased focus, understanding, clarity and getting 'unstuck')
  • for use in a therapeutic group
  • as a coaching tool
  • for personal use - to get an insight into your feelings and emotions for a better understanding
  • in any clinical setting as a diagnostic tool
  • to be enhanced with your own or your clients' contributions

Was $16.99 - now completely free

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