How to interpret body language signs

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This is the third part of this article on how to interpret body language signs. If you've landed here first, do make sure to start off with Part 1. On that page you'll find a video to show you how a story can be told without words - all it takes is a little understanding of How You Can Interpret Body Language.

The language of the face



Soft, moist lips and a mouth slightly open with a relaxed jaw are signs of sexual interest. Licking and biting lips are 'sexually provocative' says Mike Carter, a body language specialist.

Tight lips can be a sign of disapproval. Pulling lips tight and biting them can be a sign that someone's trying to hide something - almost as if they're trying to prevent a piece of information from 'slipping out'.


It's very hard to fake a smile. With a fake smile some of the facial muscles that would engage with a real smile just don't make the grade. A real smile turns the corners of your mouth up and involves your eyes quite naturally.



Some people blush very easily - even at the most minor embarrassments. Blushing can also be a sign of guilt. If your partner doesn't normally blush easily, be suspicious when you notice a flushing of his/her face. He/she may feel caught out! Have a look at my page on Infidelity Warning Signs for more on this.

Interpreting other body language signs


'Swaggering' can be interpreted as a sign of arrogance (or intoxication of course!). It's rather a macho sign, just as sitting with legs apart is too.

Swaying of hips

Well... this is a sign women have used since ancient times to attract a mate for procreation. Men (and some women) take notice of hips for that very reason.

Arm folding

This can be a defensive sign - either angry or protective. It can feel threatening too. If someone's puffed up their chest and folded their arms you can rightfully feel ill at ease.

Of course, you can also fold your arms if you're sitting or standing comfortably. Just be aware of how someone else may interpret that though.


How do you feel about a limp handshake? Does it make you feel wanted or acknowledged? Do you feel that the person shaking your hand is really interested in you? I doubt it. The message is - shake someone's hand like you're really interested. Shake no more than about 3 times and don't squeeze too hard either.

An open hand, palm slightly turned up, is inviting - this is great for the start of a meeting, or for welcoming someone. A 'closed' hand is more grounding and confirming - great for shaking on a deal.

Self touches

If you notice someone briefly touch the back of their arms, their nose, ear, mouth or neck - you can be sure that they are feeling uncomfortable. Touch like that creates a brief sense of comfort and security. Is there anything you can do to make them feel more at ease?


Does he/she keep touching you gently? That is definitely a sign of that person wanting to be close.  Great if you're already in a relationship.

If you're not in a relationship with that person, your interpretation of - and response to - that touch depends on how keen you are on him/her. If you really like someone and would like to be in a relationship with them, then very gently and briefly touch them every now and then.  

Be careful though - it's far more natural for women to do that. If you, as a man, keep touching a woman too much or too early, your advances may well be very quickly rejected.

Interpreting body language

Now you know how to interpret body language. Watch the video again and have a go at answering the following questions...

  1. What specific body language signs did you notice that showed she was definitely not interested?
  2. What did you notice about the guy that told you that he felt beaten?
  3. How did you know he was lacking in confidence? What did you notice about his shoulders when the second girls arrived?  
  4. What did that tell you?

The best way to practice and interpret body language is by ensuring that you're calm and focused on the other person. If you're self-conscious and/or self-obsessed you're unlikely to make the grade.

So, start off with yourself. Is there something else you need to do to help you feel more at ease with other people? HypnosisDownloads (via my page hypnosis FAQ) has all the right self-hypnosis downloads you could wish for to become more confident and a better communicator.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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