How to increase your luck

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If you're feeling out of luck right now, I'm so glad you've found this page. I so hope my top tips for attracting good fortune will help you learn how to increase your luck, and to feel happier in all aspects of your life.

Picture quote: I've found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chance. Brian Tracy

Top tips to attract 'Lady Luck'

As fast as each opportunity presents itself, use it! No matter how tiny an opportunity it may be - use it."

Robert Collier, success author 1885 - 1950

The Roman goddess of fortune - and fate - Fortuna (Tyche in Greek mythology) represented good as well as bad luck.  Invite lady luck’s pleasure by living your life in a way you’d be happy to share with anyone, regardless of role or rank.

My top tips for encouraging lady luck's goodwill will also help you to avoid feeling downtrodden by the inevitable 'string of bad luck'.  You’re less likely to turn it into 'your just deserts’, as you’ll instead be living your life with purpose.

Just make sure that being 'the nice guy' doesn’t mean you become a doormat...

20 Tips to increase good fortune

  1. Luck is an opportunity that has come your way at the right time for you.  Don't let it pass you by.  (I had written this way before I happened to come across the above quote!)
  2. Be pro-active: plan for life without ‘luck’, so that when opportunities do come along, you don’t desperately need them and you’re fine without them.
  3. Count your blessings every day – among them you will find the golden nuggets of ‘luck’.  You may find that there is no need to invest any more time in how to be lucky - perhaps you already are!
  4. Don't whine about your lack of fortune. Self-pity attracts bad luck for sure. You're sending out the wrong energy and people and opportunities will speedily pass you by.
  5. Be honest with others. People know or come to realise you’re lying – either at the time or later. Opportunities are offered to those who are known, liked and trusted.
  6. Be honest with yourself.  Look at everything that happens as a lesson and learn how to do things better and become more trustworthy and genuine.  Opportunities are offered to those who are congruent.  Congruency builds trust.
  7. Accept your own role in mishaps, disasters, missed opportunities, misfortunes and ‘accidents’, rather than blaming everyone else or ‘the circumstances’.  Learn from it, decide that it’s going to make you a better person and that it doesn’t mean that your luck has 'run out'. Then move on! There is no failure – only feedback.  Just remember that you may simply have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  8. Celebrate other people's luck or good fortune.  Envy and jealousy are a waste of energy.
  9. Refrain from speaking badly about anybody to anybody.  Quite apart from it being a lousy thing to do (ill-considered, rude, unkind and possibly untrue) that person may just be your link to a great opportunity.
  10. Judge every opportunity for its integrity.  If you accept those that are sound, you’re more likely to sleep peacefully, wasting no energy on feeling guilty or worrying that you’ll be ‘found out’.  You’ll radiate genuine confidence which will make people more likely to trust you – and ‘luck’ will come your way.
  11. Don’t wait for opportunities, luck or good fortune to come by - they always appear ‘out of the blue’.  Be optimistic.  People tend to shy away from negativity - for their own protection.  They’re even less likely to offer you an opportunity if you always appear to be negative!  If you suffer from depression - now is the time to sort it!
  12. Life will throw challenges at you.  No doubt it will feel as if 'all hell breaks loose' at times.  That does not mean your luck has run out.  Don't waste your energy worrying in advance about things going wrong – you’re going to need all your energy when (or if) it does happen. If you’re generally prone to worrying - get help as soon as you can.
  13. Don't become the kind of person who tots up stuff going wrong, peppering conversations with: "Now this has happened and now that has happened".  Your 'filter' will become corrupted with a negative bias for life's inevitable challenges.  Luck will simply pass you by as you’ll be oblivious to it.
  14. In all your dealings, ask yourself:  if there was a hidden camera or microphone, would I be happy to see this clip on TV or hear that tape broadcast?  If someone was about to offer me an opportunity and I’d be in with a chance of luck, would what I’ve said or done ultimately cause that chance to pass me by?
  15. Genuine opportunities are offered to those who work hard, smart and with integrity (you really don't need a 'proper' education for this one).  No integrity?  You’ll always be looking over your shoulder – have a look back at points 4 and 5.
  16. Be yourself.  People will 'know' that something is not quite right about you and that you’re 'faking' it.  You’re as unique as the stars - there is no-one like you on this earth!  Remember it and celebrate it.  People are more likely to trust you when they realise that what they see is what they get.
  17. Scatter a bit of kindness.  There’s enough trouble already and people will remember you for being kind. That doesn’t stop you being assertive when the need arises though.
  18. Take a calculated risk occasionally.  If on balance - all things considered - you remain unsure whether an opportunity is worthwhile pursuing: go for it!  However, make sure you learn to cut your losses in time if it doesn’t work out.
  19. Put all your energy into changing what it wrong in your life, with love, courage and self-discipline. Yes, the latter too! Just take small steps if you're having trouble and don't forget to celebrate success - without judgment.
  20. Robert Wiseman wrote: The Luck Factor - a scientific study of the lucky mind, in which he includes how he taught people to be lucky with great success.

During my first few months in England, I travelled by train around the country looking for a job.  One day during my travels, I walked into the public conveniences at Waterloo Station to the enchanting sound of someone singing.

The warm soulful voice was that of the black woman, who was on her knees under the wash basins, busily polishing all the copper pipes.  The whole place looked pristine, the pipes all sparkled and she was singing.  I had wanted to surprise her with a bunch of flowers to say 'thank you' for that absolute treat.

I don't remember why I didn't act on that impulse, but to this day I regret not having done that.  It seemed she knew how to be lucky and happy; it wouldn’t have taken much for her to have felt special and lucky.  Sadly I had let the opportunity pass.  So, if you happen to know who I am talking about - you know where this message belongs. 

Always feeling 'out of luck' or attracting 'bad' luck?

If you feel that you're one of those people who only attract bad luck and that you’re the unluckiest person on the block, you may benefit from some help to turn things around for you.  

It could be that you’ve developed a memory bias of all things 'unlucky'.  Perhaps you’re filtering out all that could be seen as 'luck'.  Maybe you’re even depressed.  If so, counselling can really make a difference in helping you reassess your life, finding a new direction and even an ability to create your own luck.

Picture quote: Luck is in small things

Your relationship or marriage and luck

Since this is a relationship advice site I want to be sure that I address any relationship issues around your and your partner's good fortune or lack of it.

So here goes...

  • Are you or your partner envious or even jealous of the other's good fortune or lucky breaks?
  • Do either of you feel resentful of the other's successes?
  • When something goes particularly well for you, does your partner suddenly become 'needy'?  Or vice versa?
  • Does your 'luck' cause your partner to feel insecure?  Or do you feel threatened by your partner's good fortune?

You can see there’s much more to consider than just searching for some easy answers when you want to create some luck in your life.

You’re a team - create some luck together!  Instead of focusing on each other's short-comings or your own, learn to harness both your strengths and focus on those.  Ask yourselves in which areas of life have you been 'lucky' or successful?  What can you learn from each other?  How can you build on those strengths?  A MUCH better use of energy than envy and jealousy!

Just in case things aren’t going so well between you and your partner…

Are you really worried about the state of your relationship?  See How to Save Your Marriage or Relationship.

Worried your partner is about to leave you?  Then my best relationship advice is that you get to understand what you should and shouldn't do - learn How to Deal With a Partner Wanting to Leave You.

I wish you the very best of 'LUCK'!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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