How to get over someone fast

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You just want to know how to get over someone - as fast as possible! I understand.

I'm not here to judge, so for me it doesn't matter right now if the object of your affection or 'infatuation' is an ex-partner or spouse, a lover or someone you couldn't have.

If only you could forget he or she ever existed, because... oh the pain, the pain! Not being able to be with him or her can be 'hell' and concentrating on anything else or just enjoying yourself is so hard.

It could be that you're still part of that person's life one way or another. You may be...

... working with him or her
... seeing or meeting them every day
... meeting them in the gym, club, regular meetings
... parenting your children together

He or she may be...

... your 'ex' (read this page on how to get over a relationship too!)
... part of your friendship group
... a professional you're consulting
... someone you're having an affair with a business partner

Getting over someone: Quote - one inch at a time

Whatever the circumstances - you wish you could get them out of your mind, even if you're desperately wishing they could be part of your life! It's like they're permanently camping inside your head.

If you were actually in a relationship with that person, you may or may not have had an inkling that it's was going to end. If it was a shock I'm quite sure you feel stunned and massively rejected. You could stay in bed and weep all day, wishing you could just switch off and forget!

You may be torturing yourself with thoughts about who he or she is with. Do you know them? Is he or she better looking? Are they better in bed? More intelligent? And so on...

Oh... and don't forget to read Part 3 of this article too; it has a video in which Prof Helen Fisher explains what happens in your brain when you're in love.

The hidden pain of unrequited love or infatuation

Maybe you never actually had a relationship with that person, but you so wish you had.

Maybe there's a good reason you can never have a relationship with him or her, because they...

... have rejected you
... are too young
... are not culturally compatible
... are married or spoken for in any other way.

However painful and difficult, it's such a normal feeling! You are not 'off your rocker' at all.  Watch the video in part 3 for an explanation and stick with me - I am going to be right here for you!

Fast relief!

Download the 'How to Get over a Relationship' hypnosis MP3 or 'Unrequited Love'. You can get them - and have all your questions about hypnosis answered.

Flowers and blossom and quote: Be so busy loving your life you have no time for hate, regret, or fear. Karen SalmansohnActively fill your life with positive experiencing so that you'll have less time or enerby for worrying

Symptoms of unrequited love or a crush

Realising that you have recognisable symptoms can help. You won't feel so alone in your desperate search for effective ways to get someone out of your head.

So, have a look at my list of signs and symptoms of either unrequited love or a massive crush (or indeed the start of a beautiful relationship!)

10 Signs that you're 'smitten as a kitten'

  1. You go to bed imagining that person right beside you
  2. You imagine making love to that person, perhaps even whilst making love to someone else
  3. You dream about that person and wake up thinking about him/her
  4. You think of any which way you can to be in touch
  5. You think of all the excuses you can to contact that person for 'legitimate' reasons
  6. You find yourself making a detour in the hope you bump into him or her
  7. You go over every single word they have spoken or written to identify the 'hidden' meaning
  8. You desperately trying to interpret every touch
  9. You constantly checking your emails, mobile, Facebook - whatever
  10. You hit the gym, updated your wardrobe, skimped on meals to lose that extra fat

I could go on of course - so many of my clients have told me all of those things and more... and in fact, I know them only too well myself! How many mirror your experience?

Still a chance to mend your broken relationship?

It may be too late, but if there's still a glimmer of hope have a look at my page on How to Create the Best Chance of Getting Back Together. There may still be a chance to mend your broken relationship.

If there is no time to waste, don't wait! Speak to someone - a Qualified Online Counsellor specialised in break-ups - right now.

Choose the right way to recover for you

And learn how your brain is designed to focus on what you can't have in Part 2 of How to Get Over Someone...

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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