How to get over a nervous breakdown

Part 1, Part 2

The best treatments to get over a mental breakdown

Thank goodness you're reaching out for help to get over that nervous breakdown. Having a breakdown is such a frightening experience that it's no wonder you 're desperately looking for advice on how to recover.

If you haven't read my page on Signs and Symptoms of a Nervous Breakdown, then do hop over to that page first.

As I have explained on that page, 'nervous breakdown' is not a term professionals normally use.  However, I use it here because my clients use the term and we all know what it means.

I'm going to show you the best resources on the web to help you recover and stay well. Your recovery is important not only for you, but also your loved ones. They too are suffering and will want to see you get over your nervous breakdown as soon as you can.

You see, your being ill is having a huge effect on your partner or spouse too. And even if you feel he or she is part of the cause of your breakdown, it won't help you to wait for them to change.

So, without further delay, here's how you get over a nervous breakdown or burn-out...

Oh, before we go on, the very first thing you must do is to ensure that you eat really well (a varied diet) and sleep lots. If you don't sleep enough, you go bonkers!

How long does it take to recover?

How long your recovery is going to take depends on too many factors to be specific. Normally the worst feelings subside within one to two months. Don't hold me to that though - it can happen sooner or later.

I am going to help you to speed up your recovery from your breakdown. With your being active in your recovery you'll get there sooner rather than later! So, stay tuned...

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 ... I researched you information on having a nervous breakdown. Your information was informative and calming....

... Your essay was outstanding. Most of all, it gave me hope that things would eventually get better. You are very intellligent and professional. Thank you."

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3 Steps to a faster recovery from your meltdown

Always been anxious?

Chris Bayliss is a health researcher and nutrition expert specialising in the treatment of anxiety. He cured himself from anxiety!

Discover how his method can help you too...

To get over a nervous breakdown you need to:

A) Treat the symptoms (the outward signs will then disappear too)
B) Deal with the contributing factors
C) Improve your life-style (including your stress-related weight-gain)

Just think how long you've managed to keep going! Now give yourself time to build yourself up again with loving care and consideration.

Treating the immediacy of the symptoms of your meltdown will help you feel a little more in control.

Once those whirring thoughts begin to calm down, you can start to solve problems and take effective action - when you're ready.

I have found some excellent resources for you to help you calm the signs and symptoms and deal with the underlying problems.  No treatment is suitable for everyone though. I have chosen those I would use myself and happily recommend to family and friends.

Let's deal with the symptoms of a nervous breakdown first...

Anthony Robins: By changing nothing, nothing changes.See this as an opportunity to reassess your life. Aim to get back in the driving seat.

A - Treating the symptoms of your nervous breakdown

1. Natural remedies for fast relief

If you're at all suspicious of what your doctor prescribes (I personally would be, because of the side-effects), then talk to him or her about alternatives.

It's absolutely essential that you feel happy with whichever remedies and treatments you take to get over your nervous breakdown.

2. Stop those constantly whirring thoughts with meditation

Meditation helps you to stop worrying about the future and being stuck in the past and thus not waste your energy.

Meditation is also a great way to get over depression. Read more my page: Natural Depression Treatments.

3. Hypnosis for rapid healing

I know from my practice and personally that (self)hypnosis is ideally suited to calming an stressed out mind/body.

I so want you to feel better sooner rather than later and I'd love you to try hypnosis. Don't trust it? You're not the first - I am already prepared for it. Hop over to my page Hypnosis FAQ and downloads to learn How to do Self Hypnosis. You'll also find a link there to my recommended downloads/MP3s for treating a mental breakdown and depression (often present with a breakdown).

4. Track your recovery

Just writing about what's troubling you, how you're feeling and tracking your recovery can be a huge help. Journaling can be really helpful.

5. Accept it's okay to be vulnerable

I urge you to watch this TedTalk from beginning to end...

Dealing with the causes of your meltdown - and preventing it from happening again

Come with me now to Part 2 where we'll have a look at ways to address the potential causes of a nervous breakdown. You can also find my strategies for stopping a meltdown in its tracks to prevent you from having to feel this way again.

Part 1, Part 2

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