20 Tips on how to attract luck and good fortune in your life

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How often have you heard it said?  "You make your own luck."  Is that really true?  If it is, how do you do that?  What’s the secret?

Maybe you’re acutely aware of other people's luck and your (perceived) lack of it. Perhaps you searched 'how to get lucky' because you’re feeling down or even depressed.

Well, I’m glad you’ve landed here, because I’m hoping to help you on your way a bit…

Oh... by the way, if you landed here because you were hoping how to 'get lucky' as in having sex,

 then first learn the Secrets to a Happy Relationship!

Hypnosis to help you become lucky

I have a whole list of ideas on how to attract an abundance of 'luck' in your life. However, if you’re feeling really low right now I don’t want to lose you half way through the page. So I’d like to help you turn things around right now by recommending the hypnosis mp3:

 Be Lucky by Developing the Luck Habit (link to FAQ and downloads).  

Hypnosis is one of the best ways of helping you to change your thinking so that you can get the best out of life.  It’s user-friendly, effective and inexpensive and can help you to attract more luck immediately. You can learn more about hypnosis on my Hypnosis Online FAQs page. When you get there, you might feel you need a different download instead – you’ll know which one!  

How to be lucky

I’m also glad to be sharing this article with you if you’re looking for lucky symbols and numbers.

If you are visiting the page because you’re looking for that special number or symbol that can bring you some luck, there’s a list here for you.  Whether you’re superstitious or not, expectation and belief are very powerful concepts.  So, go for it - choose whatever you believe can make you lucky.

As well as this, I can’t wait for you to read my 20 powerful approaches to attracting luck into your life, which you can find further on in this article.

Whatever you decide to do - ditch any negativity from your thoughts and vocabulary.  I don't mean slavishly pretending that you are feeling positive - that simply won't work.  I mean just filter your thoughts and acts.  Consider carefully what actually adds value to your life (and that of others) and what undermines your chances of becoming even luckier than you may already be.

Lucky symbols

Clover leaf

Are you disappointed that I haven't given you some 'magic' stuff?

Well, Wikipedia has a fascinating list of magic symbols - with their origins too (see links below).

They mostly fit in five categories: religious symbols, flora, fauna, other and of course - numbers.  Shows you just how random a collection!

Here are some examples:

  • Religious symbols: representations of Buddha
  • Flora: bamboo, four-leaf clover, acorn
  • Fauna: cricket, dragon fly, ladybird, bat, albatross, horseshoe, rabbit's foot, fish and fish scale, tiger, black cat, scarab beetle, tortoise.
  • Other: dream catcher, leprechaun, star, rainbow

Lucky numbers

There are numerous reasons why even or uneven numbers are considered lucky. Wikipedia mentions them, but there is an excellent article on Chinatravel.com: Lucky Chinese numbers. I've found a great infographic too - you can find these in the links list at the end of the page.

Luck, success and happiness

The first question to ask really is: why would you want to be 'lucky'?  Would luck make you more successful?  Would it prevent heartache, or hard work?  Would good luck even make you happier?

You only need to read the headlines to realise that 'success' does not necessarily make you happier, though it may contribute to your happiness. Words like 'success' and 'happiness' are nominalisations.  They are letters in a line that form symbols for something that only you can define.  Words like these have a different meaning for each one of us.

Read on to Part 2 to discover What "Being Lucky" Really Means...

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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