How to deal with depression effectively
without medication

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How to overcome depression forever

When you want to know how to deal with depression you'll find that there are lots of alternative treatments. They are things you can do, and remedies you can take. You can overcome depression - beating it for ever - with or without the help of a therapist or doctor.

I’m so glad you’re searching for information on how to overcome depression - a sure sign that you will recover sooner rather than later! And you know what? You're much less likely to suffer a relapse further down the line if you take control!

Just in case you’re not sure exactly what depression is, hop over to my depression checklist to have a look at the Depression Warning Signs.  

Are you feeling exhausted, stressed and / or generally ‘under the weather’ as well? If so, take a look at Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms too.

I'll be here when you come back.

Making things positive, doesn't mean a sunny outlook. I means making the choice to see problems as opportunities. Brahma Kumaris


I found your website very very good.  It has everything wanted to know about depression and such.  I plan on reading thru the different articles and have bookmarked it.  Thank you for being there for people.  I can actually feel how you come across on the website.

- Diana

Alternative treatments for beating depression

You may find it hard to make any decisions at all right now... I understand this completely. However, if you want to deal with depression, just take from the list below anything that even 'kind of' appeals to you right now.

Really focus on it, learn it, do it, spend time with it, go for it, commit to it and give it time. I know it’s hard, but this will be one of the best things you can do to help yourself get better again.

Focus on what you can do, not on what you think you can't. There will be something that's going to help you in your particular circumstances and is befitting your particular interests and needs.

23 Ways to treat depression without medication

  1. Natural Depression Remedies including herbal, homeopathic, nutritional and Ayurvedic
  2. Light therapy: we have become rather shy of the sun with all the warnings about cancer. Don’t forget, though - the sun is life-giving
  3. Aerobic exercise: there's plenty evidence that it works
  4. Self development: getting to know and accept yourself, without judgement, and taking actions that are known to increase happiness
  5. Counselling: Human Givens Therapy (link further down) or talk to one of our professional, licensed therapists (online now). For more information, see my page on mental health therapy. Now get things off your chest and get help to start turning things around today,
  6. Accepting yourself: rather than giving yourself a hard time for all the things you have done, should have been, haven't done etc. 
  7. Relationship counselling - about 50% of those suffering from depression have relationship problems. If you and your partner are falling out, talk to an online relationship expert now.
  8. Acupuncture, aromatherapy, reflexology
  9. Natural sleep remedies: sleeping well is absolutely vital for healing. Remedies of any kind are only effective for a while. For a much better solution, take a look at what these people have achieved with Dr Kelly Brogan's blueprint for a recovery without medication.
  10. Psychobiotics - supplying your bowels with specific bacteria that have a particularly beneficial influence on your mental health*. I know - you might find that hard to believe right now... but watch this space!
  11. Writing: a great way to offload, without fear of being judged. Regular journaling will help you make it enjoyable
  12. Religious practices: the sense of community, higher meaning and purpose can help you to overcome depression
  13. Making decisions: particularly those you have been putting off 
  14. Meditation
  15. Seeing and developing your sense of good fortune
  16. Low self-esteem: do whatever you can to build Your self-esteem
  17. Meeting your essential emotional needs in balance
  18. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): one of the best natural ways to deal with depression
  19. Self-Hypnosis
  20. Dealing with Boredom
  21. Creativity: you are capable of creating an exciting project; a labour of love, using your knowledge or passion.  There is nothing more healing than really getting involved in something that is challenging and has the potential of creating an income as well!
  22. Doing anything different/new and now to break the cycle. Here is a free download of a simple list of pleasant activities that will get you moving.
  23. Music therapy: watch the inspiring talk below by violinist Robert Gupta from the LA Philharmonic. Robert has a special interest in music and mental health. Enjoy this wonderful treat...

Read on for further pointers to the right kind of help for you in your particular situation...

Overcome depression with or without antidepressants?

Picture quote:

I can imagine - from my experience with my clients - what you may have been through.  Of course your situation is uniquely yours, but I so understand of what it can take to deal with depression.

I have witnessed hundreds of clients struggle and ultimately overcome their depression - mostly without medication, by using alternative 'treatments' and by refocusing their attention on something entirely new.

Actually ... they often recovered without any treatment for depression as such. Instead they simply worked hard to ensure that they were meeting their essential emotional needs in balance. To do this, they made the most of their ‘natural’ innate resources.

However, some clients came to me already on antidepressants (mainly SSRIs).

They had already consulted their doctor to find out how to deal with depression. Their doctor may...

... have had little time for them
... have had a limited understanding of how depression could be helped without 'happy pills'
... not have had a counsellor or therapist at hand to refer their patient to for alternative treatment

The general advice your doctor has been given, at least in the UK, is to 'ideally' prescribe antidepressants and offer talking therapy at the same time. Oh, how that frustrates me!

As a therapist I believe it’s a difficult situation if you have started taking antidepressants and started counselling at the same time. It can make it hard for you to know which treatment is actually working. It complicates the picture, not least because there can be significant side-effects.

Did you know that you are at an increased risk of suffering further depressive episodes when you go on antidepressants? To speed up your recovery have a look at what's available from HypnosisDownloads. They have an expert hypnosis download for just about any challenging situation or problem!

Alternative, talk to a trained online counsellor as soon as possible right from this site. How convenient is that? And it's confidential and completely anonymous if you want it to be so. Click here for further information.

Infographic - Why you're going to be okay after a life-changing event

Should you take antidepressant medication?

I think it would help you to gain a measure of control by informing yourself about the nature of antidepressants. I find Peter Breggin's books very useful. Also, Dr Mercola's website offers great advice - all backed up by research.

When you feel ready and well-informed - and you know how you can deal with depression by yourself - you can talk to your doctor again. With his or her help you may be able to gradually reduce your medication, before you can stop it completely. 

It’s important for you to feel that you have found a way of dealing with your depression. You need to feel that's your effort that's making the difference in beating your depression. However, the picture gets complicated when you're making changes in your life whilst taking antidepressants at the same time.

Read on...  Part 3: Natural Depression Remedies

In Part 3 you'll discover...

  • 12 Reasons to avoid taking prescribed antidepressants (incl the side effects of medication for depression)
  • A wide variety of natural remedies for depression (incl. self-hypnosis)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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*Mercola, J. The Forgotten Organ – Your Microbiota. 09 December 2013, via

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