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Don't make the mistakes I made when getting/setting up a website...

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Here's a hugely inspiring example of a couple building an online business by making the most of their hobby:

When you want clients or customer these days, you need a website. A hard-copy directory doesn't quite cut it anymore. When you want an online business, building a website doesn't necessarily mean it'll attract any visitors.

Most likely it won't! That is, until you start building smartly.

At some point I realised that my simple brochure website wasn't getting me any clients. That's logical - nobody could find my site. Well, they couldn't until I'd written a few short articles with advice to help people get to grips with some difficulties.

That's when I started looking for a solution. Here's the story...

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What had changed?

I realised that my cobbled together website would no longer do. I needed a professional looking site. I started asking web designers what they could do with my original site. Out of interest, I had just added the odd few pages over the years - nothing particularly fancy, but helpful to visitors nevertheless.

"How much does it cost ...?" "HOW much did you say?"

The extra costs of setting up a website

I soon realised that I'd have to hand over a small fortune to a website designer. However, I'd still have to supply all the content, with the right keywords - ideally those that were in demand with a winnable supply. Yes... and how was I suppose to learn about that?

If I wanted anything else added - such as newsletter sign ups, blog, forum, contact form, etc., they could work out a 'favourable' price for me. 

And, by the way, I would subsequently have to pay each time I wanted a letter changed!

Oh please... I may as well do it myself.

And that is when all the hassle started .....

HTMLWhat the heck is html?

Endless hours spent searching, although I didn't have a clue what I should be searching for.

Endless lurking on forums, trying to understand what contributors were on about. What did this and that word or phrase mean?

What did I actually need to know?

I thought a 'host' served coffee - not a website! 8-)

I didn't know what the 'right' programme to build a website looked like, other than 'as simple as they come'.  I aimlessly searched for whatever it was that I might need.

'Easy' solutions to website building? Forget it!

Then followed several false starts with programmes that promised I could do it all in 20 minutes or so.  Mistake (for far too many reasons I could mention here)!

More hours were wasted registering a 'domain name' (if you are not familiar: the name in the address bar). What is 'Whois'?  Why should I care?  Can I use any name?

I registered the wrong domain names - the ones with no meanings and, 'oh... I don't like that one now...'

All the so-called 'gurus' had failed to mention how important it is to get the name just right and whether it should be .com, .uk or .anything.

The next step - essential site-building knowledge

Then the trouble really started:

  • How do you write copy for internet readers?
  • Keywords have to appear in a certain place... but where exactly?
  • How and where do you 'upload' your site once you have built it? Why doesn't it work?
  • What is ftp, HTML, CSS...?
  • How do you know what traffic you're getting, if any at all? Oh... you have to submit to search engines. No traffic = no business.
  • Not getting more than a couple of people a day visiting my pages... what now?
  • How do you avoid getting spammed with totally inappropriate emails? I don't need bodily enlargements of any kind and certainly not male ones, thank you.
  • Oh... you shouldn't advertise your email address? Too late - inbox full of spam!
  • How do you get your website to earn you an income?
  • Would I really be 'massively successful' online if I bought this, that or the other?
  • Where do you find all the information you can actually trust without being sold something totally unsuitable on the sly?
  • Which of these 'gurus' (read: snake oil sales 'executives') should I listen to?

Well... you get my drift...

Hours and days were wasted trying to get things to work and look OK-ish, let alone looking professional.

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead to anywhere."

Frank A. Clark

Endless frustrations. Grrrrr...

Connection error message

At one point I had support tickets running with three different companies for various reasons I won't bore you with. Two of them took days to answer and/or didn't read my questions properly... SIGH...

Endless trying to figure things out myself, endless frustrations and late nights AGAIN.

'Home' at last!

One of the companies I was dealing with was absolutely superb though.

They responded very quickly and sorted problems out efficiently. They were letting me know if there was going to bit of a delay (not days - just a few hours!) and why - even when when all we could do was to wait for the other outfits to act.

I knew I had come 'home'. What a shame I hadn't done so before - it would have saved me most of the above hassle, the wasted time, the costs, frustration, lonely battles, wasted opportunities and a sore head. Why? The programme has the whole caboodle and no snake-oil in site.

No prior knowledge or experience needed!

If other non-techies managed to be successful with it, I could be too.

There is a step-by-step video action guide - from start to finish, with every phase in building your business. There is a friendly forum with on-subject discussions only - and now also a support chat pop-up for immediate help.

I can have the forums, newsletters, blogs, contact forms - if and when I want them - all included, with the all the help, explanation and hand-holding if I need it.

Months after I started I kept discovering 'extras' which were never even mentioned before buying.

I could have had the site built for me if I wanted it - for less than quoted elsewhere and with much more of a chance of success (i.e. people finding it at the very least). But I could see how easily I could achieve success doing it all by myself following that Action Guide.

What is your area of expertise? Your passion?

Remember my comments about all that stuff in my head? I'm slowly emptying it all on these pages. I now literally reach thousands of people a day and earn a living from it too.

Watch this video to discover how you too can build not just a website but one that makes money.

Website StructureLearn it easily, step-by-step

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Don't give up. Failures are necessary to achieve what you want.

Good luck!

I hope this article has inspired you to create your own success story - and I hope you have fun along the way too!

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