Feeling bored in life

Part 1, Part 2

In Part 1 of this article we looked at some of the reasons you might be feeling bored with your life as it is at the moment. If you've landed here first, do be sure to check out Part 1 to see if you can find out exactly why you're feeling bored right now.

If you've read Part 1 and you're fairly sure your relationship lies at the root of your current boredom, read on...

Can you identify any patterns?

  • Have you felt bored before in previous relationships?
  • If so, has that happened at a similar stage?
  • Does the problem of feeling bored occur in cycles?

These questions require you to think about your relationship history. Our brain works by 'pattern matching'.  It compares what’s happening in the here and now with a huge array of previously established patterns and templates. It does this at an unconscious level.

My questions will help you to create a conscious awareness of what exactly you’re doing.  That way you’re more likely to get to the root of the problem of your 'boring life'.

If you’re flummoxed by this one, maybe you could consider counselling to help you figure it out and move on to leading a more fulfilling life.  A therapist is trained to help you focus on your innate resources and meet your essential emotional needs.

How can you overcome feeling bored with life?

Search below for a solution to your problem now...

Free as a bird: two gulls flying high

What else do you need right now?

All the information on my website is free.

It may not be enough though. And when you're most in need - and free to choose - it can be hard to decide what other kind of help you need even if you have to pay for it.

I've done the hard work of finding effective and trustworthy tools. Feel free to choose from these 4 categories:

Brainstorming ideas for creating more excitement

I have some great ideas for you that may just inject some energy into your life again.  Some of them you can start straight away.  Some you’ll need to spend a little time mulling over.  Just imagine how different life will be once you’ve started on a completely new project.  You will:

  • have different things to think and talk about
  • have new friends
  • have less time for worrying
  • feel excited again
Feeling bored with life? I can help!


  • Start your very own profitable internet business. Yes, you can do it with this method. Without it I wouldn’t have stood a chance of building this website myself.
  • Use self-hypnosis to sort out any personal 'issues'. This is absolutely essential. Have a look at my page Hypnosis FAQ and Downloads
  • Start exercising - this is so important - you need to come off the couch and away from your computer, laptop or any other screen (there's even a hypnosis download for exercise motivation!)
  • Plan a dinner party or picnic, rather than wait to be invited
  • Start a new hobby - something creative will be great, because you can do it at home
  • Learn a new skill - preferably one that's entertaining to other people - there are so many (often free) resources on the web now
  • Gain new knowledge - guided mental stimulation helps, particularly if you feel in control. You can be totally in control when you take online courses in your own time at your own pace. See edX for free courses from leading global universities.
  • Change your eating pattern.  Yes... I suspect you are nibbling your way through the day, just because you're bored!  There is a special hypnosis download for boredom eating.
  • Start a vegetable garden on your own or with someone else, in your own garden, on your balcony or claim a little 'public' land
  • Find a charity and help someone else out - I can’t think of a greater motivator.  It doesn’t cost anything except your time, and you get a great sense of making a contribution while you’re doing it
  • You can find more ideas on my page about feeling Bored in Your Relationship
  • Carry on brainstorming yourself

Being bored with life is so disheartening!  Yet I know for sure that you have all the resources you need within you to get going and create excitement in your life, so that your life no longer feels boring.

Part 1, Part 2

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