Can Facebook cause relationship problems?

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Is Facebook causing you problems in your relationship? Sorting out these relationship or marital problems can help you to regain a sense of control, lifting that cloud that's hanging above your head.

My guess is that you've landed here because you're feeling very angry, hurt, rejected or disappointed right now.

So I really hope to be able to help you to understand what is happening a little better.

Facebook relationship problems often reflect relationship issues in ‘real’ life. So, if you've been hurt, or if you're angry, feeling let down or embarrassed, stick with me. On these two pages I'll help you with the best tips to sort out these Facebook problems. 

Naively posted content or serious ill-intent

Facebook may or may not play a big part in your life. But whatever your situation, I guess you're probably here because something has gone wrong for you. My guess is: a ‘fall-out’ in a relationship - most likely with a partner.

There is nothing quite as depressing and anxiety provoking as falling out with people you really care about.

The problems Facebook users cause can result from anything between naively posted content to serious ill-intent. Do beware - if you're happily posting general details and day-to-day activities then information unintended to become public may ‘leak out’ between the lines!

From my counselling experience I know that Facebook is also being used to manipulate, threaten, undermine and generally bully individuals.

Another major problem is: Facebook addiction. Your partner may be more interested in what's happening on Facebook than what's happening in your relationship.  Equally, you could be the one that's neglecting your relationship of course!

If you are - or your partner is - addicted to Facebook, the satisfaction of receiving messages or reading posts may have completely replaced the satisfaction of interaction between the two of you.

These specific Facebook problems may be in addition to existing relationship problems!

If you're at all unsure if you want to stay in this relationship, I really recommend you do my Relationship Test.  

Not only will that reveal any other problems that may be undermining your relationship, but it'll also help you decide what you can do about the situation.

However, there is also every possibility that you'll discover that your relationship has great potential with a little bit of work!

Feeling insecure?

Messages and photos on Facebook can be read and ‘interpreted’ by different people in different ways. The kind of comments that hurt you are perhaps shrugged off by your friends.

What you ‘understand a message to mean depends on your view of the world. (Find out more about how that works here) There's huge potential for your suspicions and insecurities to be fuelled, particularly if you're already feeling a bit fragile and have problems with self-esteem and self-confidence.

Have a look at this video of two people expressing their insecurities through their messages to each other.

The good news is that you can do something about your insecurities. has amazingly effective tracks - just have a look at my page, Hypnosis FAQ, for more info on this.

Firstly and very importantly - the hypnosis downloads will help you to relax deeply, so that you get to view the problem 'at a distance'. This means you won't be 'sucked into' the emotional roller-coaster.

Secondly, the soothing voice will engage your infinitely wiser unconscious mind in helping you to sort the problem.

I'd love you to be able to do something about your insecurities. With hypnosis downloads, you can build your inner strength - in the comfort of your own familiar surroundings.  

Hypnosis is really effective in treating emotional challenges and particularly good for getting rid of insecurities.

Is your fear of rejection getting in the way?

I won't be in the least surprised if you were to tell me that you become clingy, needy and obsessive the moment you perceive that there is something wrong.

Rather than wait and check it out, in your mind's eye your relationship or friendship has already ended. You may be right to be suspicious, but you could just be overreacting.

Click Here for hypnosis for fear of rejection. Your problem with Facebook may only be the tip of the iceberg... but don't worry, I know you can help yourself to get better.

What have you found?

There are many ways that Facebook can reveal things you perhaps hadn’t known about your partner that can be upsetting or shocking. Hop over to Part 2 now and let’s take a look at some of these.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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