Are you dealing with relationship problems caused by Facebook?

Suffering from insecurities, fears, suspicions and obsessions? Or is your partner?

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Sign: what would you do if you weren't afraid

Is Facebook making you feel paranoid about your relationship? I'm guessing you're here because of what your partner has done, is doing or is suspected of doing. Or maybe you're concerned for someone else - perhaps your child or a friend.

If you were to find incriminating 'evidence', how would you know that you can trust it? How will it reassure you?

I've done a keyword search on Facebook - you won't believe the number of search engine queries about how to hack Facebook accounts. On top of that there's plenty of evidence to show anything from mischievousness to serious ill-intent in many other ways.

6 reasons why people want to hack Facebook

Why would you - or anyone - want to hack into someone else's account?

Anyone considering this move is likely to be:

  1. Angry with someone and looking for revenge
  2. Worried about someone – perhaps their children
  3. Jealous
  4. Obsessed with someone (this is one of the most worrying Facebook problems)
  5. Suspicious about someone (accessing someone else's account really isn't the solution to Facebook problems and relationship issues though)
  6. Just plain devious

Worried your partner is cheating on you?

No wonder you want to know how to hack Facebook. I really understand that you're looking to find evidence of the wrong-doing.

But deep down though, what you're probably looking for is actually just some peace of mind. You probably feel that you're done with all the lies, sleepless nights, rows, stress and worries.

Are you doubting that you want to stay in this relationship? Are you not sure if you want to stay married to your spouse? Then I'd really recommend you use my Relationship Test to find out exactly what isn't working in your relationship. It'll also show you if there's any potential for you to still make a real go of it.

Even if the result isn't what you want to hear, you know it'd be better than endlessly, restlessly and obsessively wondering what he or she is up to. You might have even been accused of 'going mad' - or words to that effect. Your partner might have been trying to convince you that it's all in your mind.

To give you some more help with this, I'd like you to visit my pages on Surviving Infidelity and Dealing With Rejection. But very importantly, do also have a look at How to Get Your Ex Back, so that you're completely prepared if your partner tells you he or she wants to end your relationship.

Are you ready to fight for the survival of your relationship or marriage? Then Save My Marriage/Relationship is the resource you need to turn the tide as quickly as possible. Even if your partner is lacking the motivation to invest in your relationship right now - you can turn it around!

Are you obsessed with someone?

7 Tell-tale signs that you are obsessed with someone

  1. Do you have someone ‘camping’ in your head?
  2. Are you going to bed thinking about her or him, and do you wake up the same?
  3. Are you finding it difficult to concentrate on anything else?
  4. Are you constantly looking for ways to be part of that person’s life?
  5. Are you worried that you're at risk of being accused of stalking someone?
  6. Are you neglecting important aspects of your life?
  7. Are you forsaking the company of real friends just so that you can feed your addiction?

If you've answered yes to the majority of these questions, I can see why you'd want to know how you can hack Facebook: you're suffering from an addiction - not just a Facebook problem.

If you're obsessed with someone, no doubt you'll recognise yourself in the hilarious video below. However, if you don't begin to change your thinking and behaviour, you could find yourself in serious trouble.

Equally as serious is that you could also lose respect, people you really care about and your own peace of mind!

Clearly, often people - at some time in their life - become seriously attracted to someone they couldn't necessarily be with - for whatever reason.

Are you worried about someone else?

If you're worried about someone else and how they're using Facebook, hop over to Part 2 for a list of the consequences of hacking a Facebook account, along with tips to keep your children safe online.

Part 1, Part 2

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