Depression warning signs

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If you think you may have depression and you want to know the depression warning signs, then this page is the perfect place for you.

Further down you'll find my depression checklist which I so hope will help you to uncover what's going on for you, and what you can do to get yourself out of that dark tunnel.

Depression warning signs and your relationship

You will know whether or not you are suffering from depression when you've gone through my depression checklist or questionnaire and ticked off your own warning signs and symptoms.

That list can also help you talk to your partner. You could show it to him/her before, during or after an open and honest conversation.

If you suspect your partner or spouse is suffering from depression, you may want to go along the checklist to see if your suspicions are correct.

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Why share?

It's not so you can convince or blame each other! But, it could help to figure out to what extent your problems may be due to any relationship problems.

With the completed list you'll have a little more info on what you can do to bring about some positive change.

You can certainly make a huge difference with regards to Saving your Relationship or Marriage.

You can also connect with a professional, licensed therapist. It's now very easy to set up an online session, regardless of the device you're using. For further information, see my page on online mental health counselling.

Full depression quiz

Here is my self-test with all the warning signs of depression ('clinical' or not)...

About your sleep

Sleep disturbance is one the most significant depression warning signs.  Sleep is absolutely vital for mental health.

  • Are you often waking up very early in the morning? (this is one of the most telling symptoms of depression)
  • Are you having wild, vivid and often disturbing dreams?
  • Are you finding it hard to fall asleep?
  • Do you wake up in the night with thoughts constantly whirring through your mind?
  • Do you wake up in the morning feeling exhausted - as if you have had no sleep?
  • Do you find it difficult to 'get going' and motivate yourself?
  • Are you sleeping excessively?

Your day-to-day life

  • Are you finding it hard to deal even with the simplest of things?
  • Do you feel that 'everything' is too much
  • Do you feel you 'can't be bothered' with it all?

Your activities / interests / hobbies

  • Have you stopped doing the things you used to enjoy?
  • Are you fighting to motivate yourself and increasingly withdrawing?

Your friends and family

  • Snapping at the children and then giving yourself a hard time about it?
  • Been avoiding your friends? (This is a worrying sign of depression)
  • Angry with your partner or spouse all the time for next to nothing?
  • Avoiding people in general?
  • Do you find it harder to 'connect' with people?
  • Easily agitated or very irritable?

Your thoughts and feelings

Depression is like a prison, where you are both the suffering prisoner and the cruel jailer."

Dorothy Rowe, clinical psychologist and writer
  • Feeling miserable as sin? Low, depressed? (you wouldn’t be here if this wasn't one of your signs of depression!)
  • Worrying about the slightest?
  • Feeling 'cut off' from your feelings, or like you’re 'living in a bubble'?
  • Do you feel guilty a lot of the time?
  • Have you thought a lot about death and dying lately?
  • Do you feel 'out of control' with your feelings or even just about anything?
  • Have you felt like / been crying at the drop of a hat?
  • Are you feeling sad a lot of the time?
  • Finding it hard to make a decision - any decision?
  • Do you feel hopeless?  (one of the most worrying signs of depression)
  • Has your self-esteem taken a nose-dive?
  • Would you rather hide behind the sofa than opening the front-door?
  • Do you avoid answering the telephone or opening the post
  • Has your sense of humour disappeared?
  • Feeling lonely?
  • Can't think straight?

Your work

Desperate looking men, pulling his hand through his hair
  • Are you snappy with your colleagues
  • Has your productivity dropped?
  • Finding it difficult to concentrate?
  • Have you become very forgetful?
  • Are you worried that people can 'look in' and discover that you are not your usual self?
  • Have you cried at work? (Oh... the embarrassment if so!)
  • Are you finding it harder to make decisions and worry what people might think of you?
  • Have you started avoiding particular situations?
  • Have you lost your enthusiasm, where you previously were 'bouncing off the walls'?

Other depression warning signs and symptoms

  • Are you 'piling on the pounds' or dropping in weight because you can't be bothered to look after yourself?
  • Has your appetite changed?
  • Do you feel tired all the time?
  • Have you become generally overactive or underactive?

That was my own depression quiz and checklistIf you'd come to see me for counselling, I wouldn't have needed to ask you all those questions though.

I would pretty soon have had an idea what was going on for you from what, how and when you would tell me about your troubles. However, I would run through my mental check-list for additional information.

Hop over to Part 3 for more Depression Tests which you might like to take a look at next.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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