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When you're dealing with infidelity or an extramarital affair you're very likely to feel hurt and angry... and if you had the affair, probably guilty. This page has two lists of what to do to survive and heal as well as information on trust.

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Have you read Surviving Infidelity yet? It points you to the right page depending on wether you are the 'wronged' partner, the adulterer or 'the other' man or woman.

Can your relationship or marriage survive after an affair?

I want to reassure you that it is possible for your relationship or marriage to recover once the initial waves of these strong feelings have begun to subside. I promise you - they will subside and you will feel better, but give yourself some time.

If you're both able to face up to what's happened (including the potential impact on your sexual health), there is every possibility that you can create a better - if different - relationship than before. However, you need to be patient. It will take time. You will be grieving for the loss of your relationship as it was before the affair.

Do also be aware that, however difficult it is for the ‘wronged’ partner and however much you may not want to be sympathetic, the one who had the affair may also feel bereft due to loss of the other person.

If your partner has had extramarital affairs before, all the hurt from the previous occasion(s) will immediately have been triggered again. If it's happened before, you may need to consider if you really want to stay with this person.

Do you want to begin to sort out your relationship or marital problems straight away? Check out my page How to Save Your Marriage/Relationship for further details of a rescue method I recommend.

10 tips on how to deal with infidelity

To help you recover, I'd really like you to be prepared to:

  1. Seek help after the affair - couple/relationship counselling or marriage guidance can really help (or even speak, in confidence, to an Online Relationship Expert right now)
  2. Stop blaming each other - it's totally understandable that you feel angry, but I'm afraid rowing isn't going to help you sort things out
  3. Confront the problems in your relationship - you may already be aware that there were problems in your relationship or marriage before the affair
  4. Confront yourself - take responsibility for your own recovery and your own role in what went wrong; challenge your behaviour, wronged or not
  5. Read my advice on Anger Management Tips
  6. Remind yourself of all that is (or was) positive in your relationship, however difficult - at least some of that provides a basis on which to try to resolve the calamity
  7. Set time aside to talk - and agree not to talk about the infidelity during the rest of the day
  8. Set a reasonable time limit on the conversation about the affair for that day - 20 minutes or so a day, maybe longer - but most importantly it has to be a negotiated time
  9. Read my advice on Relationship Communication
  10. Accept it may take months to recover - however, you won't feel as raw as you probably do now. It will get easier as you begin to deal with and sort out your relationship problems

If you feel like you need to do something right now and you really are considering ending your marriage or relationship, my Relationship Compatibility Test will help you to consider if indeed it's a good idea for you to stay or walk away.

Men and women usually deal with infidelity differently

Women are more likely to want to talk about feelings, and know all the details (but of course this may actually be completely the reverse for you).

Men more often want to leave it behind and concentrate on the future, which could mean either not talking about it, or a divorce.

Infidelity destroys all trust

Both of you will have difficulties with trust when you're dealing with infidelity in a marriage or relationship.

The wronged partner is likely to feel the need to check up on the other person constantly. The adulterer is likely not to trust that he or she will ever be forgiven. In addition, since he or she has been dishonest, the adulterer is more likely to suspect their partner of having an affair or being dishonest.

Some people will think that ’not trusting’ could be considered a good strategy for the wronged person. Also, some people are intent on getting revenge, so the wronged partner may at some point in the future feel 'entitled' to having an extra marital affair and being forgiven for their infidelity. I would so warn against that strategy - it really won't solve anything.

An affair destroys all trust and it can take a long time to rebuild this - months, perhaps even years. Nevertheless it may be possible, in the meantime, to rebuild a loving relationship and a rewarding and otherwise happy marriage. You dealing with infidelity becomes part of the tapestry.

How do you start healing infidelity?

If your partner has been having an extramarital affair, they will need to give you lots of reassuring messages. When you're dealing with infidelity, you can help your relationship to survive by...

... sharing attention

... talking

... getting to know each other again

... going on outings

.... changing routines

and so on.

Tackling long-standing problems head-on must now also be on the agenda. I'd really urge you to do whatever you can to deal with any underlying problems. There's plenty of information on my site to help you start doing this and one of the best resources I can recommend is Lee Baucom PhD's method which can set you on the right track.

Perhaps this is the time that you can accept your own fallibility as a human being. There is never a 100% guarantee about anything in human relationships. You are responsible - not for your partner's affair - but for how you deal with your own insecurities, hurt and anguish. Who you are, what you stand for, what your behaviour has been like can never be an excuse for an affair. There is no excuse - it is a reality check.

However much you'd want your partner to sort it out, and however much you hope that your relationship can survive - in the end the only control you have is: how you are going to deal with it.

How to survive infidelity

During the initial crisis after finding out about the extramarital affair, give yourself at least a couple of weeks, without expecting too much of yourself. Coping with not coping’ is the only realistic expectation when you're dealing with infidelity in marriage or a relationship. 

Try and manage only essential and familiar activities and responsibilities - such as doing your job or seeing to the children. This will start the healing process.

That terrible raw feeling will fade gradually. You won'’t be out of the woods for a while, but that sense of having been traumatised passes usually within a few weeks. Trust me - you will feel better again.

In the meantime, you might also want to draw your partner closer to you again, despite all that's happened. You may feel that you're competing with the other man or woman and of course you want to win. Have a look at my page on romantic text messages, where I've reviewed Text The Romance Back, which could be a really useful aid for you right now.

Investigating infidelity?

How you deal with infidelity depends, without a doubt, on whether the affair has finished. Suspecting that your partner is (still) seeing another or THE other woman/man is an awful place to be.

If that's happening to you, it's time to take action!

I'd love to help you to be prepared for what might happen next, so learn how to look after yourself and fight to Get Your Partner Back.  However, if you've questioned your relationship compatibility from the start, now is the time to reconsider your commitment.

Being sure that your partner isn't cheating on you won't solve the problems between the two of you when you think you may be dealing with infidelity. Neither will it cure your pre-existing insecurities... but at least it can settle your mind, so that you can focus on dealing with your relationship problems.

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